Solid boilerplate for easy & streamlined Prestashop module development. Compatible with Prestashop 1.4.x.
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Prestashop Module Boilerplate

An attempt at standardizing Prestashop modules development using a solid framework for all future projects.


Download this package and build your Prestashop modules on top of it. It has been designed and developed using standard Prestashop 1.4.x compatible methods and classes.


  • Standard one-click installation;
  • Valid Prestashop "skeleton" module (meaning: it's a dummy module, with no data);
  • Basic module configuration panel to build upon;
  • Can be hooked into most standard front-end hooks (few back-end hooks are also available);
  • Documented usage cases to help bootstrap your development;
  • Serves well as a learning tool;
  • Uses standard Prestashop module structure;


This project is licensed under the ☺ Licence: