Assets 2

Updaters: This version can only be an update target for existing installations from version 2.3.5 upwards!


  • fixed: icon for Ajax-preview of an entry was not displayed, if the entry is locked
  • fixed: reordering registration-form fields because firefox users could be unable to register dependent from the browser settings (prefilled form fields)
  • fixed: status of the checkbox for accepting the data privacy statement got lost when previewing the entry
  • fixed: display data privacy statement in a popup like the terms of use in case of an entry from an unregistered user
  • fixed: missing fields for the dates of the acceptance of the terms of use and the data privacy statement in the backup script for the user data
  • fixed: set a birthday date in single quotes in the backup script for the user data
  • fixed: remove field mlf2_entries.tags from the backup script for the forum entries because it does no longer exist
  • fixed: masked an occurence of single quotes in the german language file
  • fixed: set the forums own e-mail-address as sender of an e-mail in every case, set a possibly given divergent address as Reply-To-header; prevents not sending e-mails because of not matching domain names (forum domain versus domain part of an e-mail-address)