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@auge8472 auge8472 released this Jan 13, 2019 · 175 commits to master since this release

Attention: Users, who wants to install a completely new forum, will run into a bug in the installation script in this version. Please use the version instead. Users, who wants to upgrade their existing installation are not affected.

Updaters: This version can only be an update target for existing installations from version 2.3.5 upwards!


  • featurette: the default protocol, used in the JS-prompts for links and images when creating or editing a posting got changed from "http://" to "https://"


  • fixed: unregistered users was not able to subscribe to their own postings because of field user_id of the subscriptions table being defined as NOT NULL
  • fixed: because of failing subscriptions of unregistered users for thread opening postings the thread in itself was broken and not deletable
  • fixed: sending e-mails over the contact form failed because of forgotten function call for form minimum and maximum time handling
  • fixed: deleting a posting with subscriptions left orphaned subscriptions because they got not removed from the database
  • fixed: the check for password strength failed when more than one char in a category was required and these chars did not follow one after the other
  • fixed: if one used the thumbnail funtion to include an image to a posting, the image got the right width but was elongated to the complete possible height of the posting, see example in the project forum


  • change: changed the language strings (key: show_spam_link) for english and german language, the old value led to danger of confusion ("show spam (no. of entries)" vs. "list spam") (enhancement for admins and mods), dear translators: if you update your translaton of further languages, let us know about your adaptions
  • change: the update script disables the forum during the database operations of the update and reenables it afterwards (admin only feature), at the moment it got enabled before one updates the files and folders;
    dear admins: please check the status after an update in the settings page to ensure the forum to be enabled again
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