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@auge8472 auge8472 released this Jan 4, 2018 · 202 commits to master since this release

After preliminary move to the new project page we are back with a further maintenance release of the 2.4-branch. Please read this announcement carefully, especially the last point about changes in the language files.

With this release the system requirements changes. The minimal PHP version is from now on PHP 5.4.

Updaters: This version can only be an update target for existing installations from version 2.3.5 upwards!


  • fixed database issue because of the obsolete field *_userdata.entries_read that can cause errors in some database configurations, an admin can not create new user accounts in that case
  • fixed the use of a wrong string for too long user name in the create-new-user-function of the admin panel
  • fixed a check for existence of categories in the main script, can cause error in PHP 7.2 when no categories are present
  • fixed handling of not given birthday date, set it to NULL in that case instead the pseudo date 0000-00-00, can cause error in some MySQL-configurations


  • added redirect of a user after login back to the last page, one has visited
  • added the availability of tags to the bookmark function, the postings tags will be suggested when present
  • added new tables for tag handling, existing tags for postings will be handed over to one of the new tables
  • added a few fields as honeypots for spammers to the registration and the posting form


  • changed handling of the URL-parameters 'fold_threads', 'toggle_view' and 'toggle_thread_view', are not toggles anymore, fix reproducible behaviour for every value instead, one can create links to special views of a forum and get's reproduceable outputs
    • 'fold_threads': 0 = unfolded threads, 1 = folded threads
    • 'toggle_view': 0 = thread view of thread list, 1 = table view of thread list
    • 'toggle_thread_display': 0 = nested view (threaded view of a threads entries), 1 = linear view (table view/board view of a threads entries)

Attention: Massive changes in the language files

All strings in all language files (with a few exceptions, see last paragraph) got enclosed in single quotes. This leads to a few changes for translators, especially for languages, where the apostrophe is in use, for example as marker for contracted forms of words (i.e. in "hasn't"). These occurences have to be masked with a backslash hasn\'t in the language files. This rule is mandatory from now on (with a few exceptions, see last paragraph)! Otherwise a string gets terminated with the first occurence of an apostrophe.

Even if I think, that I scrutinised the files for occurences of apostrophes within the strings, it is possible, that I missed a few apostrophes. In that case you'll find cropped strings. Please check the file of the language with the search function of a text editor for the affected string and check it for an apostrophe at the place, the string got cropped. Mask the apostrophe with a backslash (\), load the file to your server and check the string on your website again.

Please report the problem as an Github issue or in the project forum, so that other users can benefit from the fixes.

As last a word about the exception from the described rule. The e-mail-templates, which goes over more than one line of code, are enclosed with a row of three double quotes ("""). Within these strings an apostrophe has to stay unmasked.

Thank you.

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