@auge8472 auge8472 released this Feb 18, 2018 · 88 commits to master since this release

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The original project page mylittleforum.net works again. So the interim page www.projekt-mlf.de got a different function as home of development of a new theme and accessories by Auge.

Updaters: This version can only be an update target for existing installations from version 2.3.5 upwards!


  • fixed double closing tag of a select in the admin.inc.tpl
  • fixed the use of a table alias in a database query that caused a MySQL error
  • removed a few empty lines in the code in search.inc.php because some of them caused headers-sent-erros
  • fixed the use of a wrong variable name in bookmark.inc.php
  • fixed forgotten masking of single quotes, used as apostrophe in the german language file
  • fixed wrong cases range for partial backups, the three cases that was introduced in the 2.4-branch wasn't recognised as valid
  • fixed the invalid use of column name tags in the entries table because the column no longer exists
  • fixed wrong path names of files that have to be updated in the update to version 2.4.7, yet relevant because of updates from earlier versions
  • fixed superfluous column name "tags" in create statement of table mlf2_entries
  • added CSRF-tokens to user_edit.inc.tpl, user_edit_email.inc.tpl, user_edit_pw.inc.tpl and the corresponding code in user.inc.php



  • added the version number of the minimal required PHP-version to the readme file
  • added the links to the original project site and forum again, was changed to the interim site and forum because of the temporary inaccessibility of the original site
  • added a partial rework of the swedish language file, mainly based on the work of Tommy Nielsson (tommy@svenska-lok.se)
  • replace "Bookmarks" with "Lesezeichen" in the german language file
  • removed a few line breaks and spaces at a line end in bookmarks.inc.tpl
  • removed a size attribute in an input submit button