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@auge8472 auge8472 released this Apr 13, 2018 · 192 commits to master since this release

Updaters: This version can only be an update target for existing installations from version 2.3.5 upwards!


  • fixed: use the function get_avatar also in the admin panel, used before only the code for the old file name scheme which leads to only displaying avatars with names in this old name scheme
  • fixed: avatar field in the user data form of the admin panel had no label because of missing string in the language files
  • fixed: adapt changed URL-parameter behaviour for folding threads to the JS-sources, didn't work with the switch instead the toggle
  • fixed: changed long date format for german language to month as number with leading zero, out written month name "März" can cause encoding problem on some servers
  • fixed: the deletion of entries about read postings was broken in the case of deletion after X days, used the old and removed setting name read_state_expiration_date instead read_state_expiration_value


  • added: put pixel dimensions of uploaded images into the HTML source, when included in entries, prevents page jumping during load process for only this case(!)


  • added: sentences about automatic generation of e-mails to inform about new entries, user, etc., a few users answered to these automatic messages
  • added: make the mouse cursor a hand (pointer) when hovering over a (visible) label element
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