my little forum 2.3.7, maintenance release

@auge8472 auge8472 released this Oct 10, 2016 · 97 commits to master since this release

Listing with repeated dump from the 2.3.7-s beta versions


  • use class constructor in the BBCodeClass, old behaviour is deprecated in actual PHP-versions
  • update Smarty (3.1.30)
  • update Bad Behaviour (2.2.19)

Fixed bugs

  • fixed security issue, CSRF-protection
  • fixed security issue, relative path overwrite protection
  • fixed security issue, context-sesitive-masking of strings in HTML
  • fixed error in the update function, update over several versions was not possible
  • fixed language config, multiple use of a keyword with different text in different blocks
  • fixed spelling error (English language)
  • fixed misplaced background images for list items in the usermenu
  • fixed a further spelling error (German language)
  • fixed max-width for images in the ajax-preview
  • fixed a warning about variable name, that was used as function parameter and afterwards redeclared as new variable
  • fixed unintended closing the ajax-preview by clicking the horizontal scrollbar of the preview
  • added translation for two untranslated strings in the German language file


  • feature, time limit for blocking IP after three failed login attempts is now configurable (temp_block_ip_after_repeated_failed_logins > 0)