Strip profiles, convert to RGB, and optimize image file size in preparation for web deployment
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#Purpose Alot of images I would get from designers were saved in CMYK instead of RGB, poorly optimized, or had color profiles attatched to them. Color profiles do not work consistently across browsers: removing them works best for my workflow. The easiest way I found to remove color profiles before writing this little tool was to open the image in and save it. I noticed that the filesize was generally much smaller than the saved file.

I wrote this tool to:

  • convert CMYK images to RGB
  • strip color profiles
  • get some of the file optimization benefits that provided.


  • copy image2web to /usr/bin or other bin directory
  • color_fix.bash uses optipng. Install using brew install optipng


color_fix.bash ~/Sites/websites/images
image2web ~/Sites/websites/images/background.jpg
image2web ~/Sites/websites/images/tile.png