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gem 'spree_social_bookmarks', :git => 'git://'

Easily add social links to your product pages:

<%= display_bookmarks %>
<%= display_bookmarks @product %>
<%= display_bookmarks "Title", "" %>

You'll need to add social images to your /assets/store/social path (you can modify the path pointing to social images via preferences).

Check out web2icon for a clean icon set.

Bookmarks include: ask, blinklist, blogmarks, delicious, digg, reddit, dzone, facebook, fark, furl, google bookmarks, magnolia, netscape, newsvine, reddit, shoutwire, simpy, slashdot, spurl, stumbleupon, swik, technorati, windows live, yahoo myweb2, pinterest, google plus, and the spree_email_to_friend extension.

This extension implements fragment caching. If you use display bookmark without an object argument, your caches will not expire. I recommend setting your app version for each release as this should eliminate any problem you may have with fragment expiration

# production.rb
ENV["RAILS_APP_VERSION"] = `git rev-parse --short HEAD`.strip


Development of this extension is by:

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