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Dokku Rollbar

Dokku Rollbar is a plugin for Dokku that notifies Rollbar of deployments.

This dokku plugin could be easily modified to support other error trackers (Sentry, etc).


Verified to work on dokku 0.5+, will probably work without modification on early dokku versions.

$ dokku plugin:install

The plugin pulls the Rollbar access token from your app's ROLLBAR_TOKEN and your environment from ROLLBAR_ENV, RAILS_ENV or RACK_ENV. The app environment will default to production if none of them is not set.


As of Dokku 0.12, GIT_REV is set as a config value during a git deployment.

For Dokku < 0.12, we use the GIT_REV variable set by dokku-git-rev.

$ dokku plugin:install --name dokku-git-rev

dokku-rollbar will work without GIT_REV being available, but may report an incorrect commit hash.


No commands. If ROLLBAR_TOKEN is set, Rollbar will be notified of each deploy.