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Local tax (by zip or county name) for Spree Commerce

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Local tax calculation (i.e. state based for US taxation) for Spree Commerce.

Design goals:

  • Inherit from DefaultTax
  • Taxable amount is calculated as: item total + shipping - promotional adjustments. This can be easily adjusted.
  • Allow for matching by city + state or zip code
  • No modifications to existing tax calculation logic: all logic contained within new calculator
  • Downloadable reports via spree_advanced_reporting: tax by city, tax by order. These reports default to report by order shipped date and include only fully shipped orders. Tax reports respect Spree::Config[:tax_using_ship_address]
  • Swappable tax calculation backends. Right now only SQL is supported, possibly support avalara, taxcloud, SpeedTax, or TDS in the future


Run bundle exec rails g spree_local_tax:install to add & run the DB migration for SQL based local tax calculation (currently the only supported method).

After installation, a new tax calculator will be available under Configuration --> Tax Rates.


  • Support for taxcloud or other tax API
  • Right now the extension requires that you have spree_advanced_reporting installed, this requirement should be removed.
  • The code that monkeypatches the Spree::ReportsController is pretty messy right now. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to clean this up without improvements to the class itself. There is an issue open describing this problem.

Copyright (c) 2012 Michael Bianco (@iloveitaly), released under the New BSD License

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