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Gives option to reduce product price by percentage for sale items
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Spree Sale Products

Provides a per variant reduced price option. Logic works similiar to spree_volume_pricing.

This could be done through promotions. However, for my specific use case, using promotions to discount an item (or a bunch of different items) would result in a very large number of promotions promotional actions, rules, etc in the DB and would clutter up the promotion system in general.

What is provided here is a very lightweight 'sale price' functionality, easily allowing you to set the sale price for items through the product / variant admin.

This extension is compatible with spree_volume_pricing, the best price is chosen when both extensions are loaded.


bundle exec rails g spree_sale_products:install


  • @sebastyuiop
  • @iloveitaly

Copyright (c) 2011 sebastyuiop, released under the New BSD License

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