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Adds Solr search to Spree Commerce using Sunspot.

This is compatible with Spree 1.1.x. Untested on 1.0, but will probably work without too much modification.


Add spree_sunspot_search to your Gemfile and run bundler.

gem 'spree_sunspot_search', git: 'git://'

add the following to the Gemfile if you are not using another solr install locally for testing and development. The rake tasks for starting and stop this for development are included automatically for your use.

group :test, :development do
    gem 'sunspot_solr'

Install the solr.yml file from Sunspot.

rails g sunspot_rails:install

Copy the initializer and add solr_sort_by to all.js:

rails g spree_sunspot_search:install

Running & Indexing

Start up Solr (bundled with Sunspot's install)

bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:run

Build the index for the first time

bundle exec rake sunspot:reindex

Stop the solr process:

bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:stop


Production Server

To configure development / production solr server edit $RAILS_ROOT/config/solr.yml. Read the sunspot documentation and this great post for more information about production configuration.

Below is a sample config for production that works well for a site with relatively low search traffic and capistrano based deployment:

    port: 8983
    log_level: WARNING
    max_memory: 100M
    data_path: /data/spree/shared/solr/data
    pid_dir: /data/spree/shared/solr/pids
    solr_home: /data/spree/shared/solr
  auto_commit_after_request: false


Edit the initializer created by the installation script. The initializer template should provide enough examples to get you started.


  • Add an automatic MAX value for price facets (e.g. Above )
  • Sorting by facet criteria and Solr analytics (Best result, Popular, etc.)
  • Open the Sunspot DSL to utilise all the additional data and analytics available through Solr
  • Get the Taxon browsing (e.g. Categories) to utilise the Solr data for speed boosts
  • Testing via + rspec


  • @jbrien
  • @iloveitaly

Copyright (c) 2011 John Brien Dilts, released under the New BSD License