An utility like pkg-audit for Arch Linux. Based on Arch Security Team data
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arch-audit Build Status

pkg-audit-like utility for Arch Linux.

Uses data collected by the awesome Arch Security Team.


Latest release from official repositories

pacman -S arch-audit

Development version from AUR

The PKGBUILD is available on AUR.

After the installation just execute arch-audit.

Development version from sources

git clone
cd arch-audit
cargo build
cargo run

Example output

$ arch-audit
Package bzip2 is affected by CVE-2016-3189. Medium risk!
Package curl is affected by CVE-2016-9594, CVE-2016-9586. Update to 7.52.1-1!
Package gst-plugins-bad is affected by CVE-2016-9447, CVE-2016-9446, CVE-2016-9445. High risk!
Package jasper is affected by CVE-2016-8886. Medium risk!
Package libimobiledevice is affected by CVE-2016-5104. Low risk!
Package libtiff is affected by CVE-2015-7554. Critical risk!
Package libusbmuxd is affected by CVE-2016-5104. Low risk!
Package openjpeg2 is affected by CVE-2016-9118, CVE-2016-9117, CVE-2016-9116, CVE-2016-9115, CVE-2016-9114, CVE-2016-9113. High risk!
Package openssl is affected by CVE-2016-7055. Low risk!

$ arch-audit --upgradable --quiet

$ arch-audit -uf "%n|%c"


Donations via Liberapay or Bitcoin (1Ph3hFEoQaD4PK6MhL3kBNNh9FZFBfisEH) are always welcomed, thank you!

False Positive

Please before reporting false positive check first. arch-audit parses that page and then if that page reports a false positive, arch-audit will do too. Get in touch with the Arch Linux Security team via IRC at freenode#archlinux-security. Thanks!