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Fork of the official DSpace repository. DSpace powers the CGIAR outputs repository (CGSpace). This repository contains local modifications to the DSpace source code.
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Pull request Compare This branch is even with alanorth:5_x-prod.
Latest commit 7720aad May 20, 2016 @alanorth alanorth Merge pull request #224 from alanorth/5_x-misc-fixes
A few small fixes for XMLUI
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dspace-api [DS-2679] Retain ordering of authors for Google Scholar metatags. Feb 29, 2016
dspace-lni [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dspace-5.1 Feb 25, 2015
dspace-oai [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dspace-5.1 Feb 25, 2015
dspace-rdf [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dspace-5.1 Feb 25, 2015
dspace-rest [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dspace-5.1 Feb 25, 2015
dspace-solr [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dspace-5.1 Feb 25, 2015
dspace-sword [maven-release-plugin] prepare release dspace-5.1 Feb 25, 2015
dspace-xmlui-mirage2 28297 Item page redesign feedback (subjects, notes, semicolons, date) Sep 24, 2015
dspace-xmlui Remove wildcard URL entries from robots.txt Apr 26, 2016
src/main Update LICENSES_THIRD_PARTY to use a DSpace-specific template Jan 15, 2015
.gitattributes Add a .gitattributes Jul 26, 2013
.gitignore add modifiers + support record extension on MultipleDataLoader Oct 16, 2013
.gitmodules task_id=28305 Sep 17, 2015
LICENSE Update documentation for 4.0-rc1 Nov 1, 2013
NOTICE Harmonize with current dspace-pom so it will build. Jul 26, 2013
README extending copyright range to 2015 Jan 15, 2015 Fix DS-2427 for 5.1 by consolidating problematic code into DatabaseUt… Feb 4, 2015
pom.xml bump atmire-dspace-api version Mar 17, 2016


DSpace version information can be viewed online at

Documentation for the most recent stable release(s) may be downloaded
or viewed online at
     (select a version and read DSpace-Manual.pdf)

Installation instructions are to be found in that documentation.

In addition, a listing of all known contributors to DSpace software can be
found online at:

Installation instructions for other versions may be different, so you
are encouraged to obtain the appropriate version of the Documentation
from the links above.

To obtain files from the repository and build, please see:


or just:

 - git clone git://

Please refer any further problems to the
mailing list.


Detailed Issue Tracking for DSpace is done on our JIRA Issue Tracker


To contribute to DSpace, please see:


For more details about DSpace, including a list of service providers,
places to seek help, news articles and lists of other users, please see:


DSpace source code licensing information available online at:

Copyright (c) 2002-2015, DuraSpace.  All rights reserved.
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