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Commits on Feb 15, 2019
  1. order, shop: add support for config product options display on orderview

    pplx committed Feb 15, 2019
    This was never implemented upstream.
    * Patched OrderReadHelper for dispatcher and locale support
    * Misc fixes
  2. stock patch: GenericValue: UN-deprecated some useful methods

    pplx committed Feb 15, 2019
    There was no good justification for these becoming deprecated in the
    first place (they are not ambiguous) and provide helpful shorthands.
Commits on Feb 14, 2019
  1. utilities.ftl: new alias for #rawString: #raw

    pplx committed Feb 14, 2019
    	<@field id="something_${raw(orderId)}"/>
    Exactly the same as:
    	<@field id="something_${rawString(orderId)}"/>
  2. shop: category: finally got this working. A full extended map with al…

    minifreak committed Feb 14, 2019
    …l available categories are exposed in a menu-like tree-map structure. Not exposed in any ftl yet, because we don't have theme that contains a top menu or alike where this fits. Tested in JF though and it works nice.
Commits on Feb 13, 2019
  1. stock patch: whitespace

    pplx committed Feb 13, 2019
Commits on Feb 12, 2019
  1. UtilHttp, WebAppUtil: added getUserLogin methods

    pplx committed Feb 12, 2019
    Although adding to UtilHttp technically violates the build dependencies,
    this class already contains the getLocale and getTimeZone methods, so
    this is the natural place for them.
  2. webapp, cms: warning for widgetContextScripts (no TX)

    pplx committed Feb 12, 2019
    When these render context population scripts run, they may not be
    wrapped in any database transaction; therefore they must be careful and
    generally only query cached/cacheable data (entity cache).
  3. cms: add txTimeout to page/template render, fixes

    pplx committed Feb 12, 2019
    Adds 1 field that can control all the aspects the transaction (TX)
    timeout and can be set to "0" to explicitly disable (avoids a separate
    "enable" field this way).
    In addition, several fixes:
    * The TX is now started _between_ the render context population (+ cms
    processor) and the page scripts (due to ambiguity of needs and
    consistency, for now the unused cms processor is not included in the TX)
    * "nullField" is always added to context (see ModelScreen)
    * txTimeout can be set to the string "0" to disable TX (Note: child
    assets will still use their own transactions)
    * Various fixes and improvements
  4. widget-screen.xsd: remove "transaction-timeout-attr", misc fixes

    pplx committed Feb 12, 2019
    for the time being, as it will make implementations inconsistent between
    cms and widget.
    Also misc fixes to ModelScreen from last patch.
  5. security: screen renderer: no TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT from request params

    pplx committed Feb 12, 2019
    This changes the framework default behavior of accepting a
    TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT from request parameters; it must now be requested
    explicitly in screen definitions. The TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT is still
    read from request/session/servletcontext attributes for the time being,
    though (WARNING) this behavior is also being investigated.
    NOTE: The added elements in widget-screen.xsd are for testing purposes
    or to provide a quick-fix for any unexpected compatibility breaks
    from this change (unlikely); they are labeled EXPERIMENTAL
    and may be subject to change if any further issues.
  6. cms: cmsImportXmlData service: bugfix transaction handling (timeout)

    pplx committed Feb 12, 2019
    The transaction was being started too early by the service engine
    so the parameter timeout was being ignored, though it was probably
    never being reached.
  7. UtilHttp: added missing single-parameter accessors

    pplx committed Feb 11, 2019
    These have been missing a long time and now become needed (for upcoming
    tickets): you could not previously get a parameter without rebuilding
    the whole map, which is what stock coded ended up inefficiently doing
    all over the place.
  8. UtilMisc, UtilObject, UtilValidate: new object helper methods, refactor

    pplx committed Feb 11, 2019
    * Added several methods and overloads related to null and empty
    checking, very similar to Objects methods; help eliminate the need
    for intermediate variables, also
    preventing the need for repeated collection accesses and excessive
    * Improved UtilMisc booleanValue* methods, moved them to UtilValidate
    for easier use from minilang/other, and recreated the delegates in
    * Added missing overloads for several kinds of methods
    * Added isBoolean* to UtilValidate
    * Several cleanups
Commits on Feb 11, 2019
  1. manufacturing: production run: fixed an improved worker assingment to…

    minifreak committed Feb 11, 2019
    … a production run task
    * partyId is now a lookup field
    * It's mandatory to select the role (EMPLOYEE or any of its children). This is because the WorkEffortPartyAssignment requires a roleTypeId (it's in its PK). Restricting to EMPLOYEE makes sense in a way that I can't figure who else could be assigned to a production run task.
    * Production run print out now shows the name of the worker
Commits on Feb 9, 2019
Commits on Feb 8, 2019
  1. catalog: product features: Fixed and improved adding product features…

    minifreak committed Feb 8, 2019
    … with type and idCode.
    * Product Feature Types dropdown gets populated with the types that got product features with codes (the rest are omitted).
    * The codes get automatically populated on selection via ajax.
    * Handling errors properly.
  2. utilities.ftl: runService: improve safety, defaults, bugfixes

    pplx committed Feb 8, 2019
    * bugfixes: positional parameters weren't all working correctly
    * switched "throwEx" to "exMode" and new options to fit the special
    * Can allow errors on layoutdemof for testing:
Commits on Feb 7, 2019