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Amazon CloudFront Management Tool
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Amazon CloudFront Management Tool

This tool enables you to manage your CloudFront distributions via Ruby or command line.


gem install aws-cloudfront

General Usage

cloudfront_cmd.rb <parameters> <command>


--access-key <access key>

your AWS access key id

--secret-access-key <secret key>

the corresponding AWS secret access key

--distribution-id <id>

the AWS CloudFront distribution id. It can be found on the AWS Management Console.

Setting a root object

Set the root object that gets returned when the root url of the distribution is called:

cloudfront_cmd.rb <parameters> set_default_root_object <object>

<object> - a file name that exists in the distribution


cloudfront_cmd.rb \
  --distribution-id AB12FWEEXAMPLE \
  --access-key 15B4D3461BDF1EXAMPLE \
  --secret-access-key "AQE0diMbLRepdf3YBDF/EXAMPLE" \
  set_default_root_object "index.html"

Invalidating objects

If an object on S3 gets overwritten by a newer version a redistribution through CloudFront isn't triggered automatically. Therefore you have to invalidate the objects afterwards.

cloudfront_cmd.rb <parameters> invalidate_objects <list of objects>

<list of objects> - space seperated list of absolute path names for files to invalidate


cloudfront_cmd.rb \
  --distribution-id AB12FWEEXAMPLE \
  --access-key 15B4D3461BDF1EXAMPLE \
  --secret-access-key "AQE0diMbLRepdf3YBDF/EXAMPLE" \
  invalidate_objects "/index.html" "/styles.css"


Alexander Greim


Copyright © 2010 il tempo - Alexander Greim, released under the MIT license

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