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A laravel 5 package to easily create and maitain vps on digital ocean
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beta version

License StyleCI

A laravel 5 package to easily create and maitain vps on digital ocean. Yet to complete Have a look at the usage

$value = ["name"=> "","region"=> "blr1","size"=> "512mb","image"=> "centos-7-2-x64"];
$result = VPS::droplet()->create($value);

We just created a droplet in digital ocean.

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->delete();

We just deleted a droplet by passing the id of our droplet.

Want to shutdown a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->shutdown();

How about getting all droplets we created

$result = VPS::droplet()->all();


You can pull in the package via composer:

$ composer require iluminar/vps

Or you can add this in your composer.json

"require": {
    "iluminar/vps": "dev-develop"

and then terminal from your root directory of project run following command

$ composer update

After updating composer, add a fluent service provider to the providers array in config/app.php file.

 'providers' => array(
        // ...

then run in terminal

$ php artisan vendor:publish


First you have to get a personal access token and set the DIGITAL_OCEAN_TOKEN in the .env file.


Import the VPS facade in your controller

Account information

$result = VPS::account();

Get action information

Get all actions performed on an account

$result = VPS::action()->all();

Get information of an action

$result = VPS::action()->find($id);

Get droplet information

Get information of all droplets

$result = VPS::droplet()->all();

Get information of a single droplet

$result = VPS::droplet()->find($id);

Get all snapshots of a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->snapshots();

Get all backups of a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->backups();

Enable backups of a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->enableBackups();

Disable backups of a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->disableBackups();

Reboot a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->reboot();

Power cycle a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->powerCycle();

Shutdown a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->shutdown();

Power off a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->powerOff();

Power on a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->powerOn();

Restore a droplet by providing a id of previous image

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->restore();

Resize a droplet, pass a size parameter (1gb, 2gb etc..). For permanent resize also passed a boolen valu of true

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->resize('1gb');
$result = VPS::droplet($id)->resize('1gb', true); // permanent resize

Rebuild a droplet, pass a image id or slug as a parameter

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->rebuild($id);
$result = VPS::droplet($id)->rebuild('ubuntu-14-04-x64'); // rebuild by image slug

Rename a droplet, pass a string as a parameter

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->rebuild('name');

Enable ipv6 on a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->enableIPv6();

Enable private networking on a droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->enablePrivateNetworking();

Take snapshot of a droplet, pass a string as a parameter to name the snapshot

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->takeSnapshot('new nifty snapshot');

Get information of a action performed on this droplet

$result = VPS::droplet($id)->action($actionId);

Get image information

List all images

$result = VPS::image()->all();

List all distribution images

$result = VPS::image()->where(['type' => 'distribution']);

List all application images

$result = VPS::image()->where(['type' => 'application']);

List all private images of user

$result = VPS::image()->where(['private' => 'true']);

Get information of a single image

$result = VPS::image()->find($id);

Get information of a single image by slug

$result = VPS::image()->find('ubuntu-14-04-x64');

List all actions for an images

$result = VPS::image($id)->actions();

Rename an image

$result = VPS::image($id)->rename('new cool name');

Delete an image

$result = VPS::image($id)->delete();

Transfer an image to a different region

$result = VPS::image($id)->transfer('nyc1');

Convert an image to a snapshot

$result = VPS::image($id)->convert();

Get information of an action performed on an image

$result = VPS::image($id)->action($actionId);

SSH keys

List all keys associated with this account

$result = VPS::ssh()->all();

Add a new ssh key to your account

$result = VPS::ssh()->create(['name' => 'my-home-key', 'public_key' => "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAQQDDHr/jh2Jy"]);

Get information about a key by key id or fingerprint

$result = VPS::ssh()->find($id); // or $fingerprint instead of $id

Rename a key

$result = VPS::ssh($id)->rename('new key name');

Delete a key

$result = VPS::ssh($id)->delete(); // $fingerprint can also be used instead of $id


Yet to be added.



Error handling

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability in the package, please send an e-mail to Nehal Hasnayeen at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


The Iluminar\VPS is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Made by Hasnayeen with love in Bangladesh

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