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OAuth Enabled Web Services

This module is meant to standardize the deployment of web services for web applications. It allows our team to reduce development and maintainance time, and supports rapid prototyping.

Operating System Support The example commands in this file are directed at Linux and Mac OS X users. However, it should be expected (unless explicitly noted) that these technologies are supported by the Windows operating system.

Database Dependencies

// Using Homebrew for Mac OS
brew update
brew install mongodb

Python Dependencies

[sudo] easy_install gitpython
tar xvzf tornado-2.4.1.tar.gz
cd tornado-2.4
python build
sudo python install

It is also possible to add the tornado directory to your PYTHONPATH instead of building with, since the standard library includes epoll support.

[sudo] easy_install -U tornado

Obtain information and API access keys from

[sudo] easy_install --upgrade google-api-python-client
[sudo] easy_install -U pymongo


Location specified at command-line

Provides configuration information to services running within tornado

Configuration files SHOULD NOT be checked-in to individual project repositories.

python --config_file=/local/path/to/svc.config

Specify field datatypes within optional JSON configuration file

python --config_file=/local/path/to/svc.config --config_file_json=/local/path/to/svc.config.json
Property Description Example
data_path Directory containing data files to be served (e.g. feature matrices, lookups) /local/webapps/MyWebApp/data
client_id OAUTH2 application identifier
client_secret OAUTH2 secret key blwleldIKudk3B7eBldPPsSc15b8
client_host OAUTH2 redirect address
authorized_users Simple mechanism to limit access to the application ["",""]
mongo_storage_uri Connection string for mongo database used to store application data (e.g. sessions) mongodb://localhost:3030
mongo_datastores A list mapping datasource identifiers to connection strings for MongoDB servers used to store domain data (e.g. Feature Matrices). The datasource identifiers become parts of the URIs for accessing the data in said MongoDB servers. Queries are case insensitive by default. The optional third value in each tuple is an array of database names for which all queries will be case sensitive in that datasource. [("fmx_ds", "mongodb://hostname:3030"),("assoc_ds", "mongodb://hostname:3040", ["case_sensitive_db"])]
mongo_rows_limit Limits the number of rows to return per query 1000

Initial Dev Setup

  1. Clone this repository (or use git modules within your project)
  2. Install Required Dependencies (see above, link)
  3. Start tornado web services python --config_file=/local/path/to/svc.config
  4. Open browser at http://localhost:8000

GitHub WebHook Setup

To configure this service to automatically provide a WebHook to GitHub for automated deployment, add these properties to svc.config:

Property Description Example
github_repo_api_url Repository API url
github_project_root Path to project location /local/temp/github/MyApp/tip
github_branches_root Path to branches location /local/temp/github/MyApp/branches
github_postproc_cmd Post-processing command on repository grunt build
github_git_cmd Path to git command (optional, program assumes git is in PATH) /usr/bin/git
github_branches_json_path Path to publish the list of branches /local/webroot/MyApp/branches

WebHook will be available at to receive POST requests exclusively Public IP addresses: 204.232.175., 192.30.252.. The service also accepts POST requests from localhost ( for testing purposes.


Adaptive Data Management :: OAuth Enabled Web Services




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