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2022 Passport Index Dataset

Travel visa requirements for 199 countries, in .csv

Last updated on 2 May 2022. For pre-pandemic requirements, check out the /legacy folder.


About datasets

There are 6 datasets with identical visa requirements data. Three datasets are matrix and three are long (tidy) format. Each comes in 3 versions: with country codes as specified in ISO-2 (two-letter codes), ISO-3 (three-letter codes), and full country names from no particular standard.

  • In distance matrices (files with matrix in the filename), the first column represents a passport (=from), each remaining column represents a destination (=to).
  • Files in tidy format (with tidy in filename) have three columns: passport (from), destination (to), and the requirement.

Dataset values

For visa-free regimes, the number of days (a positive integer) is specified whenever available. When not available, visa free code is used (for example, in the EU countries with the freedom of movement days are not limited).

Value Explanation
7-360 Number of visa-free days, where available
visa free Visa-free travel (where number of days is unknown or not applicable, such as freedom of movement), including tourist registration requirement for Seychelles
visa on arrival Destinations that grant visa on arrival, basically visa-free
e-visa Includes ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization for the USA) and eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada), eVisas, eVisitors in Australia, eTourist cards for Suriname, pre-enrollment for Ivory Coast, and UK's electronic visa waivers
visa required Obtaining a visa is required for travel. Includes Cuba's tourist cards
covid ban Travelling is banned for most people. This is perhaps the most dynamic category right now, with varying exemptions
no admission Includes rare tricky situations, such as war conflicts
-1 where passport=destination

Update data with Jupyter notebook

You should be able to run the Jupyter notebook to update datasets whenever you want.

Use CLI instead

Check out this visa-cli tool by @rand-net to get data for specific countries directly from your terminal.

Source & License

Since "Passport Index is a free tool, built with publicly available information and with content contributed by fans and government agencies around the world", feel free to use the dataset under the MIT license.