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The implementation of Gradual Ownership Types checker and pretty-printer
on top of Java 1.4 Frontend

Many thanks to Gorel Hedin and Torbjorn Ekman
for provided sources of the JastAddJ compiler

1. The project has the following structure:

Java1.4Frontend    - original sources of JastAddJ compiler for Java 1.4

OwnershipTypes     - and implementation of Gradual Ownership Types for Java 1.4

  src                - source files
    beaver           - helper classes for the parser generation
    helpers          - helper classes for the type checker
    jastadd          - implementation of the compiler via JastAdd
    parser           - grammar description
    scanner          - the description of the lexical structure of the language

  test               - JUnit test suites

  testdata           - Testdata and examples

  tools              - necessary libraries

  build.xml          - build file

2. Ant build-file build.xml file contains the following targets:

gen         - generate scanner, parser and JastAdd artifacts
cleanGen    - clean the results of `gen'
clean       - delete all generated and compiled artifacts
build       - default target, generates all artifacts and compiles generated java classes
run.tests   - compiles and runs tests
jar         - build a jar-archive with compiled artifacts
zip.sources - build an archive with sources

3. How to use

To check the files via the front-end compiler with gradual ownership types

> java OwnershipChecker java-source-files