Maintain CLI environments to work on different projets or clients
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Maintain CLI environments to work on different projets or clients.


You have to manage several environments (where environment is a set of environment variables). For example for clients or for different projects. Each project has it's own AWS keys, Chef/Puppet/Your-own-super-cool-tool-here settings, etc. You end up with a bunch of shell scripts that set up such environments. You wish they would be organized better but you never have the time to do that.

Suggested solution

E provides lightweight framework in bash allowing some order and organization of such scripts. E also makes it easy to move the common parts of such scripts to one place, allowing better maintenance.


  • Place the E binary somewhere in the path.
  • Create the ~/.E directory.

Adding new environment

  • Create a directory, named after the project name.
  • cd to that directory
  • Create file (empty or with bunch of export X=Y lines or more advanced stuff)
  • Run E add

Activating an environment


  • E <env-name> - activates the given environment
  • E - launches whiptail-based menu: 5 most recently used environments at the top === separator and then all the environments in alpabetical order.

Setup and work toaster

# E binary setup - start
grep -qF ":$HOME/.bin" ~/.bashrc || echo "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.bin" >>~/.bashrc
mkdir .bin
wget -O .bin/E
. ~/.bashrc
chmod +x .bin/E
mkdir .E
# E binary setup - done

# Setting up "my-super-proj" project - start
mkdir my-super-proj
cd my-super-proj
echo "export TEST=1" >
E add
# ignore the error "grep: ..../.E/list: No such file or directory"
# Setting up "my-super-proj" project - done

# Work with an environment - start
# pick the project in the menu
# output: *** Setting up environment 'my-super-proj' ***
# when finished: CTRL+D
# output: *** Exited environment 'my-super-proj' ***
# Work with an environment - done

Suggested bashrc additions

if [ -f ~/.bin/E.completion ]; then
  . ~/.bin/E.completion

alias cdd='cd $E_HOME'


![screenshot of "E" running without arguments](img/screenshot-select.png "screenshot of "E" running without arguments")

Advanced configuration