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Enjoyable content drag-to-scroll micro (~2KB gzipped) library.


You can install it via npm or yarn package manager or just drop a script tag:

npm i scrollbooster
yarn add scrollbooster
<script src="https://unpkg.com/scrollbooster@1.1.0/dist/scrollbooster.min.js"></script>


import ScrollBooster from 'scrollbooster'

let sb = new ScrollBooster({
  viewport: document.querySelector('.viewport') // required
  // ...other options


Option Type Default Description
viewport element null Viewport - outer element
content element First child of viewport element Scrollable content inside viewport
handle element Viewport element Element that respond to drag event
bounce boolean true Inertia bounce effect (scroll past viewport borders)
textSelection boolean false Ability to select text content
friction float 0.05 Scroll friction factor (scroll inertia after pointer release)
bounceForce float 0.1 Bounce effect factor
emulateScroll boolean false Emulate viewport mouse wheel events (for cases when scrolling with transform property)
onUpdate function noop User function that updates element properties according to received coordinates (see demo examples). Receives object with properties: position, viewport and content. Each property contains metrics to perform an actual scrolling
onClick function noop Function that receives object with scrolling metrics and event object. Calls after each click in scrollable area. Here you can, for example, prevent default event for click on links
shouldScroll function noop Function that receives object with scrolling metrics and event object. Calls on pointerdown (mousedown, touchstart) in scrollable area. Here you can return true or false to start actual scrolling or not

Methods to perform custom logic

Method Description
setPosition Sets new scroll position in viewport. Receives an object with properties x and y
updateMetrics Updates element sizes. Useful for images loading or other dynamic content
getUpdate Returns current metrics and coordinates in a same format as onUpdate
destroy Destroys all instance's event listeners

Full Example

let viewport = document.querySelector('.viewport')
let content = document.querySelector('.viewport-content')

let sb = new ScrollBooster({
  viewport: viewport,
  content: content,
  handle: document.querySelector('.viewport-scroller'), 
  bounce: true,
  textSelection: false,
  emulateScroll: false,
  onUpdate: (data)=> {
    content.style.transform = `translate(
    // and also metrics: data.viewport['width'|'height'] and data.cotent['width'|'height']
  shouldScroll: (data, event) => {
    if (event.target.classList.contains('button')) {
      return false
    } else {
      return true
  onClick: (data, event) => {
    if (event.target.classList.contains('link')) {

// methods example:
  x: 100,
  y: 100

Browser support

ScrollBooster has been tested in IE 11, Edge and other modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Special thanks

David DeSandro for his talk "Practical UI Physics".


MIT License (c) Ilya Shubin