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Awesome Hosts

A simple GUI for manage hosts, written in Go with the astilectron, and Vue, ElementUI, etc.



Assume that you had installed the Go compilers (if not, click here to get the Go compilers)

Step 1: Install awesome hosts

Run the following commands:

$ go get -u

Step 2: Install the bundler

Run the following commands:

go get -u

don't forget to add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH.

Step 3: bundle the app for your current environment

Run the following commands:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ astilectron-bundler -v

Step 4: test the app

The result is in the output/<your os>-<your arch> folder and is waiting for you to test it!

Step 5: bundle the app for more environments

To bundle the app for more environments, add an environments key to the bundler configuration (bundler.json):

"environments": [
  {"arch": "amd64", "os": "linux"},
  {"arch": "386", "os": "windows"}

The installation steps is copied from go-astilectron-demo

Similar projects

Actually, I have to admit that I copied something from <SwitchHosts!>, because it is a mature product and perfect. and, the AwesomeHosts is my first project using Golang, I will improve and perfect it for learning and growing.

Todo List

  • add/edit/delete host ok
  • add/edit/delete group ok
  • allow that add hosts from remote file pending
  • add google hosts from remote as one of the default group pending
  • clear DNS cache pending
  • add a dock menu on Mac to provide some quick operations pending


This project is an open-source software licensed under the MIT License.