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Move directories freely without breaking installations or shortcuts

You can use this tool to move programs that install on C:\ by default to another drive to save space on your main drive

How It works

  1. The files are moved to the new location
  2. A symbolic link is created from the old location redirecting to the new one. Any program trying to access a file in the old location will automatically be redirected to its new location


Github All Releases

From GitHub

Download the latest release

From Scoop

scoop install freemove


Run the executable and use the GUI

Note: this program requires administrator privileges for its core functionality


You should not move important system directories as they can break core functionalities like Windows Update and Windows Store Apps.

C:\Users - C:\Documents and Settings - C:\Program Files - C:\Program Files (x86) should not be moved. If you wish to do It anyway do it at your own risk. To move a directory back refer to the last part of the readme.

That said, moving directories contained in the previously mentioned directories should not cause any problem. So you are free to move C:\Program Files\HugeProgramIDontWantOnMySSD without any problem.



Uninstalling moved programs

Uninstall the program just as you would normally without deleting the junction. The uninstaller will work normally leaving an empty directory in the location you moved the program to, and the directory link in the original location, both of which you can then delete manually

Moving back a program

Delete the junction in the old location (this won't delete the content) and move the directory back to its original position

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