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@imPRAGMA imPRAGMA released this Feb 11, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

IMPORTANT: This release is heavilly bugged. Theres many issues in it. Please use atleast v2.0.3 or above.


  • New UI re-design, everything is different!
  • Its now a Dark Theme as most people including myself prefers it.
  • This completely changes everything to do with kit-kat.
  • Its no longer a "toolkit". The main reason is I didnt want other users work, look like it was mine as I had it embed directly inside of SNIPR. If you want to use the old applications, a simple google search should have you sorted.
  • No more themes, way too much work, and no one uses them.
  • Its now JUST a Streamer. It has no other function. This allows me to stand down and properly focus on the streaming element.
  • Its now a lot longer and less wide. This makes a lot more sense for the design. Especially for the log.


  • The Auto-IP-Grabber has been REMOVED, this is because it is NOT greatly accurate and doesnt pick up all nintendo devices. It was missing the MAC address id's for a lot of nintendo type products and had ones for wiiu's. Once I find out the mac addys for the proper device family I will re-add it.
  • Its no longer a single .exe, due to limitations on the new UI system, I can not embed it or anything. But I am researching ways to do so! So stay tuned!
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