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How to use

    // read about it in the below section


PropName Description default value
sections list of PieChartSectionData that is shown on the pie chart []
centerSpaceRadius free space in the middle of the PieChart 80
centerSpaceColor colors the free space in the middle of the PieChart Colors.transparent
sectionsSpace space between the sections (margin of them) 2
startDegreeOffset degree offset of the sections around the pie chart, should be between 0 and 360 0
pieTouchData PieTouchData holds the touch interactivity details PieTouchData()
borderData shows a border around the chart, check the FlBorderData FlBorderData()


PropName Description default value
value value is the weight of each section, for example if all values is 25, and we have 4 section, then the sum is 100 and each section takes 1/4 of the whole circle (360/4) degree 10
color colors the section
radius the width radius of each section 40
showTitle determines to show or hide the titles on each section true
titleStyle TextStyle of the titles TextStyle(color: Colors.white, fontSize: 16, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold)
title title of the section "1"
titlePositionPercentageOffset the place of the title in the section, this field should be between 0 and 1 0.5

PieTouchData (read about touch handling)

PropName Description default value
enabled determines to enable or disable touch behaviors true
enableNormalTouch set it false if you just want to handle long press true
touchCallback listen to this callback to retrieve touch events, it gives you a PieTouchResponse null


PropName Description default value
sectionData the PieChartSectionData that user touched null
touchedSectionIndex index of the touched section null
touchAngle the angle of the touch null
touchRadius the radius of the touch null
touchInput a FlTouchInput that is the touch behaviour null

some samples

Sample 1 (Source Code)

Sample 2 (Source Code)

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