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A free image resizing service and CDN.


This started out out of a repeated frustration that optimising images between multiple projects was a constantly moving target, requiring large amounts of boilerplate. Image libraries existed but went about solving the same problems in different ways to varying degress of success.

This is completely open-source under the ISC license, so all contributions are welcomed. You are free to run this yourself however you wish: Historically this has been deployed either via Docker (AWS ECS/Kubernetes) or directly via Node.

The public instance of this service is available here:

Rough Architecture

  • HTTP Request comes in, specifying image source.
  • Image Source is streamed.
  • Format determined by QueryString parameter, falling back to Accept header.
  • Image is streamed to libvips orchestration layer for conversion and manipulation.
  • Image is run through image optimisation pipeline.
  • Image served with a Vary on Accept and Accept-Encoding.

Getting Started


$ brew install libimagequant


$ sudo apt-get install libimagequant-dev