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Example project demonstrating how to package ImageJ scripts into a single jar file

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Example script collection for ImageJ

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This repository illustrates how to manage several ImageJ scripts in a collection.

Note that to make scripts available as menu commands in ImageJ, it is sufficient to put the script files into a subfolder of, and to make them available to others, it is sufficient to upload the script files to an update site.

Keeping script files in a collection like this one adds the following benefits:

  • Dependency management with Maven
  • Versioned deployment using Git, Maven, and GitHub Actions
  • Optionally: keep your scripts functional by running Java unit tests with every build

How to use

  1. Visit this link to create a new repository in your space using this one as a template.

  2. Delete src/test/java if you don't require tests.

  3. Put your scripts into a subfolder of src/main/resources/scripts (the name of the subfolder[s] corresponds to the menu[s] where the commands will appear).

  4. Edit pom.xml to reflect your project information.

  5. Run mvn to build your jar file, or mvn to directly copy the jar file and possible dependencies into your ImageJ/Fiji installation.

  6. Make your initial commit and push the results!


Please ask on the Forum.


Example project demonstrating how to package ImageJ scripts into a single jar file






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