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Deprecated ImageJ packages
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ImageJ Deprecated Classes

This project contains ImageJ subprojects which have been deprecated in favor of newer code. The following packages exist:

  • net.imagej.measure - The old ImageJ2 measurement and statistics plugins, which are being rewritten as ImageJ Ops plugins.
  • net.imagej.operator - The old ImageJ2 image calculator plugins, which have migrated into ImageJ Ops.
  • net.imagej.threshold - The old ImageJ2 thresholding plugins, which have migrated into ImageJ Ops.
  • net.imglib2.meta - The old ImgLib2 Meta project, which has migrated into ImageJ Common.
  • net.imglib2.ops - The old ImgLib2 OPS project, which is migrating to ImageJ Ops in stages.

There are a few other "one-off" classes here as well:

  • net.imagej.overlay.ThresholdOverlay - ImageJ2 Overlay implementation which depends on the old net.imagej.threshold package.
  • net.imglib2.AbstractAnnotatedSpace - Moved to in ImageJ Common.
  • net.imglib2.AnnotatedSpace - Moved to in ImageJ Common.
  • net.imglib2.Axis - Moved to net.imagej.axis.Axis in ImageJ Common.
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