A Maven plugin to help development of ImageJ and ImageJ plugins
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ImageJ Maven Plugin

imagej-maven-plugin is a Maven plugin to help with developing ImageJ and ImageJ plugins.

It provides one goal:

  • copy-jars (as part of the install phase of the life cycle): copies the artifact and all its dependencies into an ImageJ.app/ directory structure; ImageJ 1.x plugins (identified by containing a plugins.config file) get copied to the plugins/ subdirectory and all other .jar files to jars/. However, you can override this decision by setting the property imagej.app.subdirectory to a specific subdirectory. It expects the location of the ImageJ.app/ directory to be specified in the property imagej.app.directory (which can be set on the Maven command-line). If said property is not set, the copy-jars goal is skipped.

It is recommended to use it implicitly by making the SciJava POM the parent project:

<project ...>

Alternatively, you can include the plugin explicitly in the life cycle:

<project ...>
      <!-- Enable copying the artifacts and dependencies by setting
           the 'imagej.app.directory' property to a valid directory. -->