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#@ Dataset data
#@ Dataset mask
#@OUTPUT Dataset output
# Given a mask (binary image) and a raw image, remove background pixel from raw by
# keeping only those in the mask (different from 0).
# Note : As specified by @stelfrich on Gitter, the particular case when foreground pixel
# are 1 and background pixels are 0 can be simpler to write with a multiplication of the two
# images.
from net.imglib2.util import Intervals
# Check dimensions are the same for 'data' and 'mask'
if not Intervals.equalDimensions(data, mask):
raise Exception("Dimensions from input dataset does not match.")
# Create the cursors
output = data.duplicate()
targetCursor = output.localizingCursor()
dataRA = data.randomAccess()
maskRA = mask.randomAccess()
# Iterate over each pixels of the datasets
while targetCursor.hasNext():
if maskRA.get().get() == 0:
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