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NextGEN Gallery
by Imagely
= V3.27 - 05.25.2022 =
* Fixed: A possible PHP warning in the third party compatibility warning.
* Fixed: PHP 8 may emit a warning in the taxonomy controller when viewing the site frontpage while no posts or pages exist.
* Fixed: ThickBox's loadingAnimation.gif and tb-close.png URL were incorrect.
= V3.26 - 04.27.2022 =
* Fixed: A change in NextGEN 3.23 broke albums pagination.
* Fixed: Compatibility with TinyMCE editor used by Advanced Custom Fields.
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window popup failed to load when Elementor is active.
= V3.24 - 03.23.2022 =
* Fixed: A possible PHP warning could be generated if the global $post->content is an integer or boolean.
* Fixed: Activating NextGEN for the first time generated a PHP warning when registering default settings.
* Fixed: NextGEN widgets JS/CSS was enqueued on all frontend pages.
* Fixed: Some errors generated while image uploading were not being displayed to the user.
= V3.23 - 02.09.2022 =
* Fixed: A potential PHP fatal error in C_Photocrati_Transient_Manager when using external object caching.
* Fixed: Manage Gallery page could create a javascript error if the page loads quickly enough.
* Fixed: Sorting images order was broken by WordPress 5.9
* Changed: Google Fonts is no longer used for fonts loaded in the admin.
= V3.22 - 01.20.2022 =
* Fixed: When viewing certain images NextGEN was using nggdb::get_unique_slug() on each viewing.
= V3.21 - 01.19.2022 =
* NEW: Introducing constant NGG_DISABLE_PHOTOCRATI_CACHE_TRACKER which tracks all NGG transients when using an external object cache.
* NEW: Adding an option to separate generated images with dashes instead of underscores for better SEO.
* Changed: Removed the "Custom styles" feature which was deprecated in December of 2020.
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 warnings of deprecations.
= V3.18 - 12.08.2021 =
* NEW: Added a constant "NGG_DISABLE_SHORTCODE_MANAGER" to disable content protection workarounds that can be a source of incompatibility itself.
* NEW: Added notice to users that ctypes methods are required by NextGEN Gallery.
* Fixed: Compatibility with EditorsKit invalidating NextGEN Gallery blocks.
* Fixed: In rare circumstances the "Open album images in Pro Lightbox" feature was not working.
* Fixed: PHP warnings about undefined array key access when using the XMLRPC API (Lightroom)
* Fixed: Searching for images on Manage Galleries could result in duplicates.
= V3.17 - 09.15.2021 =
* Fixed: NGG 3.16 created a problem with the Manage Gallery page's Edit Thumbnail, Rotate Image, and View Meta popups
= V3.16 - 09.08.2021 =
* Fixed: Links on "Extensions" page were incorrect
* Fixed: Incompatibility with WP User Manager caused Manage Gallery bulk actions to be unusable
* Fixed: Images that failed to upload would be treated as a success in the UI if the server HTTP response code is 200
* Changed: Removed the "Ambassadors" tab from the Overview page
= V3.15 - 08.23.2021 =
* Fixed: A warning was generated on every request for users of PHP 5.6
= V3.14 - 08.18.2021 =
* NEW: Added support for unanimated WebP images
* Fixed: PHP warning was generated when enqueueing frontend resources
* Fixed: "Scan folder for new images" was failing with PHP 8+
= V3.13 - 08.04.2021 =
* Fixed: All WP-Admin links had "/wp-admin/" removed for some users
= V3.12 - 07.13.2021 =
* Fixed: PHP warning generated for some Nimble Builder users
* Changed: Added 'ngg_marketing_parameters' filter
= V3.11 - 05.26.2021 =
* Fixed: Now compatible with NimbleBuilder
* Fixed: Importing images from the Media Library was broken due to a z-index issue
= V3.10 - 05.19.2021 =
* NEW: Added option under Misc Options to disable the /ngg_tag/ page feature
* Fixed: Misc performance improvements to NGG 3.9.0
* Fixed: Opening the rotate-image dialog a second time could show the incorrect image
* Fixed: Paginated galleries on paginated WP posts linked to the incorrect URL
* Fixed: Widgets were not rendering correctly with some third party page builders
= V3.9.3 - 04.20.2021 =
* Changed: Updated uppy.js
* Fixed: Conflict with Avada builder
* Fixed: ACG fields cannot be toggled
* Fixed: Activation issues with NextGEN Starter
= V3.9.2 - 04.07.2021 =
* Fixed: call_user_func() warning when rendering shortcodes in widgets (1168)
* Fixed: do_shortcode and legacy shortcodes (1170)
* Fixed: Incorrect use of wp_localize_script (1171)
* Fixed: Tooltips are illegible (1172)
* Fixed: PHP foreach warning (1173)
= V3.9.1 - 03.29.2021 =
* Fixed: C_Dynamic_Stylesheet_Controller error
* Fixed: Galleries not displaying
= V3.9.0 - 03.24.2021 =
* Changed: Resource manager disabled by default
* Changed: Remove ngg_load_frontend_logic filter
* Fixed: Refactored to resolve over 300 plugin & theme conflicts
* Fixed: Problem reported with taxonomy controller
= V3.8.0 - 02.24.2021 =
* NEW: NGG featured image support for custom post types (1076)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Custom Post Type UI plugin (1076)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields plugin (1150)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Photo Station plugin (855)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Stackable (981)
= V3.7.0 - 02.17.2021 =
* Fixed: Added ellipsis to pagination to show pages skipped (1099) (1157)
* Fixed: Deleted images could still appear in 'random' image galleries (1129)
* Fixed: Galleries with only one page were causing pagination links to appear (1156)
* Fixed: Inability to change gallerypath on multisite networks (1150)
* Fixed: Overriding static resources (CSS & JS) through files in wp-content/ngg/ was not working (1144)
= V3.6.0 - 02.10.2021 =
* NEW: Added new 'Bulk actions' option to remove EXIF Orientation from existing images (1137)
* NEW: Allow maximum_entity_limit display setting regardless of source (1146)
* NEW: Provide hooks to customize Uppy settings (1139)
* NEW: Recreated legacy templates as modern "views" (1127)
* Fixed: A compatibility warning with NextGEN Plus would appear when users had NextGEN Starter (1097)
* Fixed: Compatibility issue with Topscorer Theme (344171)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Custom Post Types UI (1076)
* Fixed: Compatibility with jQuery.mmenu (1140)
* Fixed: Disable marketing additions for users with NextGEN Starter enabled
* Fixed: Error responses from the server when uploading images failed were not specific (1121)
* Fixed: Image rotation not reliable (1137)
* Fixed: Imagebrowser pagination broke on images with UTF8 characters in their title (1135)
* Fixed: Shortcodes displaying albums did not appear in the order listed (1128)
* Fixed: Transient tracker was calling update_option() on every page (1074)
= v3.5.0 - 12.17.2020 =
* Changed: Deprecated legacy template functionality
* Changed: Deprecated built-in custom style / CSS mechanism
* Fixed: Misc updates for PHP 8.0 compatibility
= v3.4.7 - 11.25.2020 =
* NEW: Replaced plupload with a new uppy.js based uploader for faster uploading
* Changed: Updated select2 and Gritter to the latest versions
* Changed: Several changes have been made for future jQuery 3.5 compatibility
* Fixed: Gutenberg Block and Featured Image features on hosting
= V3.3.20 - 10.13.2020 =
* NEW: PHP 5.6 is the minimum supported PHP version
* NEW: WordPress 5.2 is the minimum support PHP version
* Fixed: Block disappearing in Block Editor
* Fixed: Gutenberg block and featured image features were broken on hosting
* Note: NextGEN Gallery will soon be licensed under GPLv3.
= V3.3.17 - 08.18.2020 =
* Fixed: Override Thumbnail Settings not configurable
* Fixed: Broken gallery displays in WP 5.5 with Classic Editor
* Fixed: HTML in Gallery & Image fields
* Fixed: Inability to save Gallery Settings or Other Options
= V3.3.11 - 08.14.2020 =
* Fixed: Fancybox lightbox not working with WordPress 5.5
* Fixed: Inability to upload images or create galleries in WordPress 5.5
* Fixed: Cannot crop images from Manage Galleries page
* Fixed: Removed use of jquery.size() and jquery.browser
* Fixed: Fixed iterator_to_array() PHP warning
= V3.3.10 - 08.12.2020 =
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_recent_images_sort_by_column' to control how recent images are sorted
* Fixed: Assigning a thumbnail to a custom post type page/post caused a fatal javsacript error
* Fixed: NextGEN would previously be completely unusable should it even once determine that it doesn't have the necessary roles it needs
* Fixed: Several SimpleLightbox issues caused by a recent version upgrade
* Changed: Admin user interface modifications
* Changed: Misc code improvements to take advantage of PHP 5.3+ features
* Changed: Removed NGG_FIX_JQUERY constant
= V3.3.6 - 06.24.2020 =
* NEW: Added a mechanism in Other Options > Misc to update page featured images assigned with NextGen version 1 that were broken by a WordPress 5.4 API change
* NEW: Added two filters (ngg_default_settings and ngg_default_global_settings) to allow control over default settings for new networks, sites and sub-sites
* NEW: Updated SimpleLightbox to the latest version. This fixes all gallery images appearing in the lightbox if more than one gallery was on the page.
* Fixed: Album routing was broken if the albums were named using a non-latin alphabet
* Fixed: Gallery path validation was broken on some IIS servers
* Fixed: NextGen was unable to serve AJAX requests on hosting
* Fixed: Removed the unused simple_html_dom module which was causing errors with PHP 7.3
= V3.3.5 - 04.09.2020 =
* Fixed: Broken dynamic images
= V3.3.2 - 04.07.2020 =
* Fixed: Gallery paths were calculated incorrectly on hosting
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window could not edit an existing displayed gallery with a legacy template without breaking the displayed gallery
* Fixed: Manage Albums page could generate lengthy PHP warnings if galleries or other albums did not have a preview image assigned
* Fixed: NextGen was forcing the 'screen_options_show_screen' filter to always be true
* Fixed: Plugin would not load and would throw an error due to C_Component_Registry not being found
* Fixed: Removed last traces of javascript that were in display type templates
= V3.3.0 - 03.10.2020 =
* NEW: Added feature on Manage Galleries page to search gallery names
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_disable_shortcodes_in_request_api' to disable rendering of NextGen shortcodes in REST
* NEW: Added option to automatically watermark images during upload
* Changed: Minimum PHP version supported is now 5.4
* Changed: Pope framework now included via Composer
* Changed: Removed use of 'contextual_help' filter which is deprecated
* Changed: Renamed nggallery.po to nggallery.pot for better compatibility with Loco Translate
* Fixed: Compatibility with Divi Booster
* Fixed: Copying images to another gallery caused a PHP warning
* Fixed: Featured Image feature was not working
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning sometimes displayed with album breadcrumbs
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning when displaying certain albums
* Fixed: No notification was given when moving or copying images on Manage Gallery
* Fixed: PHP warning would be displayed when MediaRSS feature was enabled
* Fixed: SimpleLightbox would not use image alttext attribute for titles
* Fixed: Uploading zip files containing images with uppercase file extensions would fail to extract any images
* Fixed: Uploading images with invalid EXIF would reject the image entirely
= V3.2.23 - 12.02.2019 =
* NEW: There is a new setting under Other Options > Misc to disable enqueueing FontAwesome entirely
* Changed: WP-CLI commands have been namespaced and numerous new commands have been added
* Fixed: Add Gallery / Images page would instruct users to upload zip files even if the multisite settings disallowed it
* Fixed: Conflict with Elementor breaking the Attach-To-Post window styling
* Fixed: Corrected PHP warnings generated when creating the template & static override directory ('ngg') inside WP_CONTENT_DIR if write access isn't available
* Fixed: Gallery slug generation was broken when the gallery name included special characters and broke those galleries as album children
* Fixed: Improved performance on Manage Galleries page by simplifying query to count images belonging to galleries
* Fixed: Manage Galleries could generate a PHP warning when listing galleries created by users that have since been deleted
* Fixed: Shutter Reloaded's navigation icons were always missing
* Fixed: Slideshow widget was enqueueing a file that no exists
* Fixed: Two basic slideshow displays on one page would cause a JS error that broke their display
* Fixed: URL resolution for paginated galleries and dynamic thumbnails was broken if WordPress was in a sub-directory of a sub-directory install (split home & site url)
= V3.2.21 - 11.20.2019 =
* Changed: Small branding and color update
= V3.2.19 - 10.30.2019 =
* Fixed: Conflict with Imagify and the Imagely Lightroom plugin
* Fixed: Ability to update image metadata from the Imagely Lightroom plugin
= V3.2.18 - 09.18.2019 =
* Fixed: Ability to sort images by random
* Fixed: Large images failed to upload on WP Engine
* Fixed: Plupload translations not working
= V3.2.15 - 09.10.2019 =
* NEW: Automatically retry loading dynamic thumbnail generation urls
* NEW: Use NGG_DISABLE_DYNAMIC_IMG_URLS constant to generate images in-process
* Changed: Dynamic thumbnails are generated in their own PHP processes/url
* Fixed: Distorted images and thumbnails
* Fixed: Timeout when viewing large galleries
* Fixed: Memory optimizations when generating images
= V3.2.11 - 08.27.2019 =
* Secured: IGW queries (reported by Tin Duong of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs)
= V3.2.10 - 07.23.2019 =
* Changed: Updated branding for Freemius opt-in
* Fixed: IGW queries
= V3.2.8 - 07.16.2019 =
* NEW: Added support for the shortcode_atts_ngg filter
* NEW: Importing images from a folder now works recursively
* Fixed: 'Scan folder for new images' did not assign a gallery preview image
* Fixed: AJAX actions like image uploads were failing if the default request to '/' went to an index.html instead of index.php
* Fixed: Admin page controllers / templates were running twice
* Fixed: Compatibility with Delightful Downloads
* Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor
* Fixed: Copying images to the Media Library was broken if the server lacked the fileinfo extension
* Fixed: Disable Manage Gallery's move/copy images submit button to prevent multiple submissions
* Fixed: Made 'Recover image from backup' reset thumbnail crop settings
* Fixed: Minor error emitted from common.js
* Fixed: Move Images / Copy Images now also moves/copies dynamically generated versions
* Fixed: The uninstall routine handler was generating a PHP warning accessing an undeclared variable
* Fixed: Zip uploads from some macOS users was failing
= V3.2.4 - 06.04.2019 =
* NEW: Added some methods to the window.galleries object prototype for retrieving display settings
* Secured: Zip extraction process (thanks to Slavco Mihajloski / @mslavco)
* Changed: Removed the now-deprecated 'publish' link from the Manage Gallery image actions row
* Fixed: A PHP warning emitted on Gallery > Other Options if the current gallery path cannot be written to
* Fixed: Added compatibility check for the official FontAwesome plugin
* Fixed: Clicking a checkbox in the Insert Gallery Window's "Sort or exclude images" tab was not functioning
* Fixed: Resized images were becoming larger than the original in some circumstances
* Fixed: URL to static assets like JS and CSS files was incorrect when NextGen Gallery was a symlink
= V3.2.2 - 05.09.2019 =
* Changed: Updated video Links
* Changed: Branding updates in Readme.txt file
= V3.2.1 - 05.08.2019 =
* Fixed: Missing settings after Reset with NextGEN Plus
* Fixed: Small styling issues with WordPress 5.2
= V3.2.0 - 05.07.2019 =
* NEW: Branding update
* NEW: API methods for detecting NextGEN provided pages and custom post types
* Fixed: Missing menus after Reset
* Fixed: Ajax pagination with Simplelightbox
* Fixed: Datamapper query cache not purged after saving an entity
* Fixed: Gallery folder not created when using Manage Galleries -> New Gallery
* Fixed: Notifications not appearing on all Nextgen-provided pages
* Fixed: Gallery wizard conflicting with NextGEN Pro ecommerce wizard
* Fixed: Upgrade to pro button
* Fixed: NGG activation transient not given a time-to-live value
= V3.1.17 - 04.02.2019 =
* Fixed: Preview images for display types giving get_static_abspath error
* Fixed: Compatibility with the Imagely Lightroom plugin
= V3.1.14 - 03.26.2019 =
* Changed: Restored original behavior of ngg_after_new_images_added hook
* Changed: Images with EXIF rotation metadata are now rotated automatically at upload
* Changed: Moved confirmation message presented after editing a thumbnail
* Fixed: Ability to import zips of images
* Fixed: Gallery folder not created on filesystem after adding new gallery
* Fixed: IGW not working with Gutenberg / Block Editor
* Fixed: Compatibility with EWWW Image Optimizer
* Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor
* Fixed: Compatibility with Imagify
* Fixed: NextGen 3.1.11 passed an incorrect path to load_plugin_textdomain()
* Fixed: Simplelightbox initialization was opening more than once for certain images
= V3.1.11 - 03.20.2019 =
* NEW: Many performance enhancements
* Fixed: Broken Overview page on WordPress 5.1
* Fixed: Problem with notices not being dismissible
* Fixed: Recover images from backup generating errors
* Fixed: Manage Tags the only menu option after activating
* Fixed: Compatibility with environments which don't have mime_content_type function
= V3.1.7 - 02.26.2019 =
* Changed: Upgraded Freemius SDK to latest release
= V3.1.6 - 01.16.2019 =
* NEW: Option to control caching duration of random widget galleries
* Secured: DB record serialization
* Fixed: Compatibility with plugins that extend Gutenberg / Block Editor
* Fixed: Invalid regex causing warnings when viewing /ngg_tags/ pages
* Fixed: Misc grammatical and spelling mistakes
= V3.1.5 - 01.08.2019 =
* Secured: DB record serialization
* Changed: Added 185 character limit to filenames to prevent filesystem issues
* Changed: Removed caching of 'random' galleries; now only random widgets will be cached
* Changed: Removed dependency on underscore.string.js
* Changed: Updated base64.js library in attach-to-post module
* Changed: Updated jquery.waitforimages.js
* Fixed: Uploading of non-JPEG images and uploading of JPEG with invalid EXIF data
= V3.1.3 - 01.08.2018 =
* Fixed: Post thumbnail support for NextGEN Gallery when using Block Editor
= V3.1.4 - 12.21.2018 =
* Fixed: Visual shortcode not displaying in WP 5.0.2
= V3.1.2 - 12.18.2018 =
* Fixed: Variable mismatch error when using central gallery management pages
= V3.1.1 - 11.29.2018 =
* Fixed: Don't enqueue block editor assets on frontend.
* Fixed: Broken styling for column blocks
= V3.1.0 - 11.28.2018 =
* NEW: Gutengerg block for NextGEN Gallery
* Secured: Other options page
* Updated: Freemius SDK
* Fixed: Getting started wizard compatible with Gutenberg
* Fixed: WPML redirects
* Fixed: Missing descriptions and tags when re-importing image metadata
= V3.0.16 - 10.24.2018 =
* Fixed Fontawesome 4 compatibility
= v3.0.15 - 10.23.2018 =
* NEW: Added requirements notification manager
* Changed: Basic Thumbnails default setting from "[Show slideshow]" to "Show slideshow"
* Changed: Fixed order_by=rand and 'variations' system not working by storing random results in a transient for 24h
* Changed: How gallery directories are removed
* Changed: Improved memory use during thumbnail generation
* Changed: Manage Albums page now uses GET for editing navigation
* Changed: Upgrading FontAwesome to 5.0.13
* Fixed: Attribute 'target=_blank' not working in lightbox effects
* Fixed: Conflict with WP Social Widget
* Fixed: Corrected numerous phpdoc problems found by Phan
* Fixed: Editing of image attributes from search-galleries page
* Fixed: Gritter messages with long texts overlapped their close-notification icon
* Fixed: IGW gallery selections not persisting between edits
* Fixed: Orphaned entries being created and/or left in wp_postmeta
* Fixed: Repeated and missing images in featured images list
= V3.0.13 - 10.11.2018 =
* Changed: Added settings for basic slideshow
= V3.0.9 - 09.25.2018 =
* NEW: Added 2.0 template mechanism for basic galleries
* NEW: Simple Lightbox is the new default Lightbox
* Changed: Changed Javascript library and styling for basic slideshow
* Changed: New default template and styling for thumbnail galleries
* Changed: New default template and styling for imagebrowser galleries
* Changed: New default template and styling for compact albums
* Changed: New default template and styling for extended albums
* Changed: Changed implementation of "Number of Columns" setting
* Changed: Significantly simplified NextGEN default shortcodes
= V3.0.8 - 09.05.2018 =
* Fixed: IGW broken with Chrome 69+
= V3.0.6 - 07.24.2018 =
* NEW: Added 'ngg_gallery_title_select_field' filter
* NEW: Danish translations
* NEW: Slovakian translations
* Changed: Removed unused swfUpload setting key from ngg_options array
* Secured: Image attribute storage
* Fixed: Styling of upload notifications
* Fixed: Do not purge WPML tag/translation mapping when removing unused NGG tags
* Fixed: Don't invoke icl_translate() when the admin language matches the default language
* Fixed: Importing Media Library images inside the IGW window
* Fixed: NGG > Overview's "Upgrade to Pro" links were still present when NGG Plus/Pro were active
* Fixed: Patched PEL to catch a possible exception caused by malformed IFD
* Fixed: Removed unneeded wp_localize_script('wp-color-picker'...)
* Fixed: Sorting galleries with over 1k images did not work past image 999
= V3.0.1 - 05.17.2018 =
* Fixed: Prevent caching of display_tab.js which can break the IGW
= V3.0.0 - 05.16.2018 =
* NEW: Complete redesign of NextGEN Gallery backend interface
* Changed: Image descriptions may now include <img> elements with src, alt, title, id, class, name, rel, and style
* Changed: Upgraded Select2 to latest release (4.0.5)
* Changed: Updated link href to 'image delete' & 'recover' links
* Fixed: Gutenberg compatibility
* Fixed: Removed use of screen_icon() from plugin
* Fixed: Color selection widget keeping unsaved values between page refreshes
= V2.2.54 - 02.28.2018 =
* Fixed: Conflict with Gutenberg editor
* Fixed: Manage Albums' "Not linked" option wasn't selectable
* Fixed: Manage Galleries gallery path field was having extraneous slashes added on IIS servers
= V2.2.50 - 02.20.2018 =
* Secured: Gallery paths and the ability to manage tags
* Kudos: ElevenPaths (Telefonica cibersecurity Unit)
= V2.2.46 - 02.15.2018 =
* Fixed: Broken Manage Albums page
= V2.2.45 - 02.14.2018 =
* NEW: Partner page for Imagify image optimization
* Secured: Image property escaping case-sensitive
* Secured: Vulnerable to CVE-2017-2416 buffer overflows
* Kudos: Zhouyuan Yang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs
* Fixed: Incorrect CSS class format used in form generator text field
* Fixed: Clean exit in FastCGI environments
* Fixed: Use of deprecated functions in gallery plugin
= V2.2.33 - 12.24.2017 =
* Secured: Certain image attributes were not being validated correctly
= V2.2.30 - 12.13.2017 =
* Fixed: Segfaults on PHP 7.2, 7.1.12, and 7.0.26.
* Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin wizards initialized too early.
* Fixed: ImageBrowser display types generating warnings on PHP 7.2
* Fixed: Widgets causing WSOD on PHP 7.2
* Fixed: Removed create_function() calls (deprecated in PHP 7.2)
= V2.2.18 - 12.04.2017 =
* NEW: Include PHP 7.2.0 in the warning created by NextGen Gallery 2.2.16
= V2.2.17 - 12.01.2017 =
* NEW: Include PHP 7.2-RCs in the warning created by NextGen Gallery 2.2.16
= V2.2.16 - 11.30.2017 =
* NEW: Display an admin warning and disable NextGen Gallery when PHP 7.1.12 or 7.0.26 are in use
= V2.2.14 - 09.18.2017 =
* NEW: EXIF and IPTC metadata are copied to new images and photos when generating thumbnails, watermarks, or new sizes
* Fixed: Metadata is read and preserved when "Resized images after upload" feature is enabled
= V2.2.12 - 08.01.2017 =
* Secured: Disabled Flash backend in plupload
* Changed: Upgraded PHP-Parser version used when building plugin zips
* Changed: Added DESC as an option to nggTags::find_images_for_tags()
* Fixed: Fixed useage of parse_str for PHP 7 (thanks Bodo Graumann)
* Fixed: Made transients manager flush only expired transients
* Fixed: Compatibility with Spider Calendar
* Fixed: Problem with validation code of DataMapper Models
* Fixed: Convert script/style urls to arrays in the lightbox installer
= V2.2.10 - 06.14.2017 =
* Fixed: Ensure that the plugin works when PHP isn't compiled against libxml
= V2.2.9 - 06.14.2017 =
* Fixed: WSOD caused by setting $wp_query->is_page to false
= V2.2.8 - 06.13.2017 =
* Changed: Removed custom Freemius opt-in message
* Changed: New design and video for Upgrade to Pro page
* Changed: Added namespacing to NGG-generated transients
* Fixed: Better error reporting for the XML-RPC method, ngg.uploadImage
* Fixed: Thumbnail editing links missing when locale uses RTL language such as Hebrew
* Fixed: Roles and Capabilities discrepancy with displaying NextGEN Gallery UI elements
* Fixed: Fancybox lightbox effect not compatible with Pro Mosaic galleries
* Fixed: Basic Tagcloud does not honor display type setting when editing in Insert Gallery Window
* Fixed: Basic Tagcloud allows selection of Pro display types when NGG Pro is disabled
* Fixed: Limit display types available in "Display galleries as" setting for albums
* Fixed: Special characters in `show_slideshow_text` parameter causing inserted display to not be editable.
* Fixed: NGG Basic Slideshow not honoring transition effect setting
* Fixed: Image tags that are no longer should be removed from WordPress gallery plugin
* Fixed: Spacing preserved when our shortcodes are placed with other content
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs in albums when slug is shared between gallery and album
* Fixed: get_unique_slug() creating invalid SQL query when gallery name contains quote characters
* Fixed: /ngg_tags pages displaying comments from all posts
* Fixed: PHP warning when saving image meta data
* Fixed: Fix incompatibility with WPML pagination due to overriding $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']
= V2.2.3 - 04.05.2017 =
* Fixed: E_WARNING on Gallery Settings page due to improper use of array_combine() on PHP <= 5.3
= V2.2.2 - 04.04.2017 =
* Fixed: Hyperlinks in image descriptions
* Fixed: WordPress SEO sitemap image count
* Fixed: Removed id parameter in shortcodes
* Fixed: Fatal error in Freemius code
= V2.2.1 - 03.13.2017 =
* NEW: Template mechanism for all display types
* NEW: WordPress gallery plugin review notices
* Changed: Updated WordPress gallery plugin branding to Imagely
* Changed: Added the ability to click on a gallery title and have it open direct to Pro Lightbox
* Fixed: Problems with activation after initial installation
* Fixed: Don't display legacy shortcodes after creating new galleries
* Fixed: false positive malware detection notices against 'eval'
* Fixed: Various PHP notices and warnings
* Fixed: Issue with dynamic container height for Imagebrowser display types
= V2.1.79 - 02.23.2017 =
* Secured: Resolved vulnerability with tag cloud displays
= V2.1.77 - 01.31.2017 =
* Changed: Corrected Facebook link
* Changed: Tags in readme.txt
* Fixed: Problem with deactivating other plugin
= V2.1.69 - 01.18.2017 =
* Fixed: Ensured compatibility with WordPress 4.7.1
* Fixed: Missing option names on setting pages when Wizard active
* Fixed: Ensure that NextGEN Gallery is always loaded after it's extension plugins in WP 4.7
* Fixed: Pope product uninstaller not running during activation
= V2.1.62 - 12.15.2016 =
* Fixed: Typo in notice for launching the gallery wizard
* Fixed: The ability to dismiss the gallery wizard notice
= V2.1.61 - 12.14.2016 =
* NEW: Gallery creation wizard for new users
* Fixed: Shortcodes in WordPress gallery plugin widgets not getting substituted in Divi
* Fixed: Ensure that NGG placeholder text doesn't get styled incorrectly by other themes
* Fixed: Various thickbox issues on custom post type pages
* Fixed: Hide Insert Gallery placeholder images in Yoast feed
= V2.1.60 - 11.22.2016 =
* Secured: Ensure that only .css files can be edited using Styles tab
= V2.1.59 - 11.22.2016 =
* Secured: Ability to customize CSS Styles
* Changed: readme.txt improvements
* Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.0
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window-inserted tagclouds are incorrect
= V2.1.57 - 11.14.2016 =
* Secured: Custom Styles may only be written to specific directories
* Secured: SQL injection vulnerability for gallery names
* Changed: Display type icons are now clickable in the Insert Gallery Window
* Changed: Include backup image files when coping/moving a gallery
* Changed: Show gallery name in upload notification
* Changed: Added placeholder text to gallery name field on Add Gallery / Upload Images page
* Fixed: Custom sortorder not preserved in shortcode
* Fixed: Shortcodes added via Insert Gallery Window displayed as []
* Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
* Fixed: Use of deprecated Yoast SEO (aka WPSEO) filter
* Fixed: Conflict with Easy Digital Downloads
* Fixed: Misc invalid HTML tags in admin pages (thanks to kniebremser)
* Fixed: Change display:hidden to visibility:hidden in various places
* Fixed: Escaping of quotes in gallery titles and urls
* Fixed: Untranslatable strings
= V2.1.56 - 10.27.2016 =
* Fixed: Shortcode parsing was affecting third-party shortcodes
= V2.1.54 - 10.25.2016 =
* NEW: Added php docblock directives for code hinting/completion
* NEW: Display types can have aliases
* NEW: Visual Shortcodes
* Changed: Now uses gulp for package compilation & JS/CSS minification
* Changed: Updated Freemius SDK to 1.2.1
* Fixed: Extraneous backslashes being added to gallery titles & descriptions
* Fixed: Import folder 'gallery title' field wasn't being used for new gallery titles
* Fixed: Settings reset will now redirect to /wp-admin/ to avoid potential activation-related errors
* Fixed: Table columns cache becomes out of date between versions
* Fixed: Various issues with WordPress gallery plugin shortcodes when used in widgets
* Fixed: Warnings caused by calls to non-existent module package files
* Fixed: nextgen_admin's jquery-ui breaking Elegant Themes admin pages
= V2.1.50 - 08.30-2016 =
* NEW: Added the ability to open galleries within albums using a lightbox
* Changed: Increased freemius opt-in to 100%
* Changed: Tamara Lackey's biography on the WordPress gallery plugin overview page
* Fixed: Images and photos not responsive for all display types
* Fixed: Compatibility with the Imagely Lightroom plugin
* Fixed: Removed Pope tests folder from WordPress gallery plugin
* Fixed: Maximum function nesting level fatal error when displaying two or more albums
* Fixed: Ensure Insert Gallery Window background stays white
* Fixed: PHP warning for C_NGG_Lightbox class using incompatible constructor
= V2.1.49 - 07.26.2016 =
* NEW: Add a "Default" template option to override ATP settings when a global setting is used
* NEW: Added "generic" error reporting back during image upload.
* NEW: Added notice for deprecating PHP 5.2
* NEW: Option to display child gallery and album descriptions when viewing albums
* Changed: ATP preview images are smaller with tighter margins to show more images
* Changed: Content of WordPress gallery plugin Upgrade to Pro page
* Changed: New Gallery plugin Overview page
* Changed: Replicate gallery name sanitation of NG legacy for gallery paths
* Fixed: Resolved all found PHP warnings/notices/deprecations and strict errors
* Fixed: Compatibility on Windows servers with network mounted document roots
* Fixed: Ensure EXIF meta data is loaded from the appropriate exif_data array instead of exif_array
* Fixed: Gallery Settings toggle not functioning
* Fixed: Uploading breaking when thumbnail or image resizing fails due to lack of specific format support for image libraries
* Fixed: Warning generated in nggallery.php checking useMediaRSS option
= V2.1.46 - 06.23.2016 =
* Fixed: Remove inner nextgen-gallery folder due to build issue
= V2.1.45 - 06.22.2016 =
* Fixed: Freemius assets should not be minified
= V2.1.44 - 06.22.2016 =
* NEW: "Add Gallery" button added next to "Add Media" button on Create/Edit Post screen
* NEW: Insert Gallery placeholder images are watermarked
* NEW: Added API for communicating with Lightroom plugin
* NEW: Gulp build system
* NEW: Added "ngg_igw_placeholder_line_2_settings" and "ngg_igw_placeholder_line_1_settings" filters
* NEW: Added "ngg_settings_during_image_generation" filter to adjust image generation
* NEW: Added "ngg_before_save_thumbnail" filter for image manipulation abilities
* NEW: Added the ability to apply GD filters during image generation
* NEW: Integrated with WordPress SEO sitemaps to show include NGG images and photos in image counts
* Changed: Links to manage a gallery after it's been created don't appear in the Insert Gallery Window
* Fixed: Freemius code shouldn't be minified
* Fixed: When a datamapper entity is saved, it's corresponding cache should be cleared
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window placeholder images aren't used by WordPress SEO's OpenGraph analysis
= V2.1.43 - 05.25.2016 =
* NEW: Added Freemius integration
* NEW: Added actions actions ngg_updated_image_meta, ngg_recovered_image, ngg_generated_image, ngg_moved_images, and ngg_copied_images
* NEW: Added patch from WPML copyping ATP galleries to new language pages when duplicating a page to a new language
* Changed: Moved 'ngg_delete_picture' action to before the image has been removed
* Changed: Now prevent maximum_entity_count from being set to 0 or lower in Other Options
* Changed: Updated "Roots" relative url support to re-branded "Soil" relative url
* Changed: Updated branding so all publicly visible instances of "Photocrati" are now "Imagely"
* Changed: Upgraded FontAwesome to 4.6.1
* Fixed: Album breadcrumbs when used with WordPress gallery plugin legacy templates
* Fixed: Compatibility with added WP role objects without a remove_cap() method
* Fixed: Default watermark setting causing images to be watermarked by text even though "image" is shown chosen on "Other Options"
* Fixed: Navigating to albums with UTF8 characters in their name
* Fixed: Replaced use of get_currentuserinfo() with wp_get_current_user()
= V2.1.33 - 04.25.2016 =
* Fixed: Compatibility with themes and plugins which enqueue underscore.js in the head of the document
* Fixed: Ensure that shutter reloaded can find it's image assets
= V2.1.31 - 04.05.2016 =
* NEW: Added constant NGG_SCRIPT_VERSION that is either the plugin version or rand() should SCRIPT_DEBUG be on
* NEW: Added warning when saving galleries and refuse to automatically delete galleries with one or more "../" in their path.
* Changed: ATP slug field disallow several characters (spaces, ?, |, &, [, ]) by replacing them with dashes as they are typed
* Changed: Made get_static_url() look in the WP_CONTENT/ngg/(module_name)/static directory for CSS/JS overrides
* Fixed: Bug introduced in 2.1.24 allowing gallery paths & slugs to contain spaces; galleries must be "saved" once to correct them
* Fixed: Compatibility with WPML String Translation when uploading images without title or description
* Fixed: Made get_image_url() encode gallery directory names 'because%this%is' a valid directory
* Fixed: Manage Galleries > Search results not saving when edited
* Fixed: Provided imagebrowser legacy templates not using AJAX pagination when enabled
* Fixed: Resource manager breaking the layout of the Multisite Plugin Activation page
* Fixed: Static url generation when the nextgen-gallery directory is a symlink outside of the WordPress roots
= V2.1.27 - 03.16.2016 =
* Fixed: Formatting issues with changelog
= V2.1.26 - 03.15.2016 =
* Fixed: Removed unnecessary whitespace from "Related images" template that caused issues with some themes
* Fixed: Detection of parents from grand-child-albums when generating breadcrumbs
* Fixed: C_Router->initialize() generating warnings with WP-CLI or the WP-CLI-Cron
* Fixed: Added Roots-theme relative-url support to C_MVC_Router->get_static_url()
* Fixed: nggdb::get_unique_slug() not generating unique slugs
* Fixed: Album breadcrumbs CSS compatibility with certain themes
* Fixed: C_Gallery->validation() not working properly when sanitizing gallery title using UTF-8
* Fixed: NGG's cross-frame-communication cookies not being purged
* Fixed: Updated C_Dynamic_Thumbnails_Manager->get_uri_from_params() with user-submitted patch
* Fixed: Updated C_CustomPost_DataMapper_Driver->_save_entity() with user-submitted patch
* Fixed: Cleaned up overview.php's readability and removed some now-long-unused code from legacy's ajax.php
= V2.1.23 - 01.05.2015 =
* Secured: XSS vulnerabilities in Manage Gallery pages
* Secured: Ability to browse and import gallery folders
= V2.1.19 - 12.23.2015 =
* Fixed: PHP warning about incorrect usage of parse_url()
= V2.1.18 - 12.21.2015 =
* NEW: Added text domain and domain path to plugin header
* NEW: Add the ability to specify gallery title with import_gallery_from_fs() method
* NEW: Swedish (sv_SE) translation (thanks Anders O Johansson)
* Changed: Updated plugin's FontAwesome to version 4.5
* Changed: Handle for bundled version select2 is now called 'ngg_select2'
* Fixed: Removed redundant translatable strings (thanks Rene Wolf)
* Fixed: Loading non-WOFF fonts on IIS servers
* Fixed: Attempt to load non-existing minified translation files for Plupload
* Fixed: Order direction not honored on Manage Galleries page
* Fixed: _NGG_Galleries_List_Table compatibility with WordPress 4.3+
* Fixed: Double-UTF8-encoding of image metadata
* Fixed: Don't use interframe communication outside of the Insert Gallery Window
* Fixed: Problem deleting interframe communication cookies
= V2.1.15 - 09.09.2015 =
* Secured: Image uploads
* Fixed: Don't use esc_attr_e() to prevent translation issues
* Fixed: Ensure that deleting a gallery doesn't delete anything it shouldn't
* Fixed: get_gallery_abspath() should return NULL if the path doesn't exist
= V2.1.10 - 09.01.2015 =
* Secured: Escape output of parameters in templates to avoid XSS
= V2.1.9 - 08.25.2015 =
* NEW: Added ngg_manage_galleries_items_per_page filter
* NEW: Added ngg_manage_galleries_items_order filter
* NEW: ngg_manage_galleries_items_orderby
* Secured: Limit the ability to browse folders outside of NGG_IMPORT_ROOT
= V2.1.7 - 08.12.2015 =
* Changed: "Flush image cache" now removes images and photos from the database w/o a gallery
* Changed: "Show Meta" popup: parse date_format through date_i18n()
* Changed: Made Add Gallery/Images notifications a link to the gallery
* Changed: No longer cache displayed galleries as transients
* Changed: Updated widgets to use PHP5 parent::__construct() over $this->WP_Widget()
* Fixed: C_NextGen_Metadata->get_EXIF() was bugged with imagebrowser-exif template
* Fixed: Cornerstone/X compatibility with WordPress gallery plugin
* Fixed: Recovering images and photos was 'generating' from backup instead of copying
* Fixed: Setting post thumbnail more than once on a page/post
* Fixed: Permanently hide display types from ATP without an active POPE module
= V2.1.2 - 07.20.2015 =
* NEW: Ability to import from Media Library
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_datamapper_table_name'
* NEW: Added filter `ngg_legacy_template_directories` for legacy template locator (thanks Ross McKay)
* NEW: Pagination available on Manage Images page
* NEW: Added filter ngg_manage_images_items_per_page_array to control pagination options
* NEW: Added filters 'ngg_load_frontend_logic' and 'ngg_get_modules_to_load'
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_add_page_shortcode' to control Manage Galleries > 'Create new page' content
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_manage_albums_items_order'
* Changed: Removed PHP4 support
* Fixed: Ability to set NextGEN Image as Featured Image
* Fixed: Don't use resource manager in download requests for WP Photo Shelter
* Fixed: Updated custom jQuery-UI styling to resemble WordPress postbox styling
* Fixed: Styled plupload buttons to resemble WordPress buttons
* Fixed: Removed 'fixed' class from manage galleries table. Allows columns to adjust to content
* Fixed: Removed note about flash support and fixed typoe (thanks Rene Wolf)
* Fixed: Fixed typo in nggallery.po
* Fixed: Cache results of lookup_columns() to avoid multiple identical queries; thanks go to Alex Bradaric
* Fixed: Better WP-CPI detection
* Fixed: Removed unnecessary calls to parent::initialize()
* Fixed: Adjusted album-compact template to always include p.ngg-album-gallery-image-counter
* Fixed: Replaced empty gallery rendering in is_feed() with a link
* Fixed: Removed default settings for imagerotator, which is no longer supported
* Fixed: Optimized scanning of images when importing a photo gallery
* Fixed: When a photo gallery is deleted, ensure that DB and filesystem are purged
* Fixed: Removed Insert Gallery Window box shadow
* Fixed: Ensure that file_exists() calls are prefixed with @
= V2.1.0 - 05.18.2015 =
* NEW: Album breadcrumbs and pagination
* NEW: Ability to override builtin MVC templates
* NEW: Robust transient management
* NEW: Added the ability to set post thumbnails via XML-RPC module
* NEW: Added 'ngg_get_image_size_params' filter to control image generation
* NEW: Added 'ngg_basic_tagcloud_title' and 'ngg_basic_tagcloud_excluded_display_types' filters
* NEW: Added ngg_manage_images_items_per_page filter
* NEW: Added "ngg_get_image_url" filter
* NEW: Including Ukranian and Polish translations
* NEW: The ability to set template in widgets
* Changed: Default thumbnail dimensions set to 240x160
* Changed: Product now adheres to Pope 0.12 and provides get_modules_to_load()
* Changed: Updated gallery plugin translations
* Changed: Removed link to capsman plugin in Roles accordion
* Changed: Taxnomies now use internationalized strings
* Changed: Image date/time meta data fields are stored as UNIX timestamps
* Secured: Uploading zips
* Fixed: Various PHP warnings and notices
* Fixed: Compatibility fixes for WPML
* Fixed: Ensure that backup image functionality fails gracefully
* Fixed: WP option 'ngg_do_upgrade' updated in every HTTP request
* Fixed; Empty $_SERVER['PATHINFO'] causing multiple routing issues
* Fixed: "Manage Galleries" display image alttext in the filename column
* Fixed: Various issues with the tag cloud display type
* Fixed: Integrity check when updating from 1.9.x
* Fixed: Image filenames substituting spaces for + which is only proper in the query string
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window not working with nested levels of gzip compression
* Fixed: Imagebrowser as lightbox effect not working with pagination
* Fixed: Plugin compatibility with MultiVerso Advanced File Sharing
* Fixed: "Add page" button not displaying on the next immediate page load
* Fixed: Double-escaping of non-latin characters
* Fixed: Imagebrowser pagination with custom templates
* Fixed: Custom CSS is enqueued late to ensure it's one of the last stylesheets loaded
* Fixed: Fixed watermarking PNG images and photos
* Fixed: Using the "Import Metadata" bulk action overwrites existing data
* Fixed: Seconds were not retained from CaptureTime EXIF field
* Fixed: Conflicts created by our TinyMCE plugin
* Fixed: Image mapper setting gid to gallery name, not the unique ID
* Fixed: Restored nggdb->get_random_images(), nggdb->search_for_file, and nggdb->find_all_albums()
* Fixed: Allow gallery slug as parameter to nggdb::get_gallery()
* Fixed: Don't minify Plupload's i18n JavaScript
* Fixed: Custom template images not being given their full effect code attributes
* Fixed: When importing galleries from folders, allow symlinks
* Fixed: Use of C_Gallery_Mapper in C_Image_Wrapper
* Fixed: Properly handle themes that don't call wp_footer() or wp_print_footer_scripts()
* Fixed: Warning about missing style.php file on Network Admin -> Gallery page
* Fixed: Warning about getimagesize() failure when backing up an image
= v2.0.79 - 03.20.2015 =
* Secured: Sanitized C_Displayed_Gallery->_add_find_in_set_column() third parameter
= V2.0.78 - 03.12.2015 =
* Secured: AJAX actions for uploading images and importing folders now uses nonce checks
= V2.0.77 - 03.05.2015 =
* NEW: Added "ngg_get_image_url" filter
* Changed: Use a more reliable means of excluding Pro/Plus modules from using minified static resources
* Fixed: Imagebrowser pagination with custom templates
* Fixed: Custom CSS is enqueued late to ensure it's one of the last stylesheets loaded
* Fixed: Fixed watermarking PNG images and photos
* Fixed: Using the "Import Metadata" bulk action overwrites existing data
* Fixed: Seconds were not retained from CaptureTime EXIF field
* Fixed: Conflicts created by WordPress gallery plugin TinyMCE plugin
* Fixed: Image mapper setting gid to gallery name, not the unique ID
* Fixed: Restored nggdb->get_random_images(), nggdb->search_for_file, and nggdb->find_all_albums()
* Fixed: Allow gallery slug as parameter to nggdb::get_gallery()
* Fixed: Don't minify Plupload's i18n JavaScript
* Fixed: Custom template images not being given their full effect code attributes
= V2.0.76 - 02.24.2015 =
* Fixed: Compatibility checks for very old versions of NextGEN Pro plugin
* Fixed: Zero-byte downloads in WooCommerce and WPE-Commerce
* Fixed: Invalid URL being enqueued if a custom lightbox is selected with no URL provided
* Fixed: Restored a method to nggAdmin to fix compatibility with NextGen Public Uploader
* Fixed: Bug preventing source='recent' from displaying images in the correct order
* Fixed: Include more quotation symbols in our shortcode manager (foreign language shortcodes)
* Fixed: WPML/ATP compatibility issue
* Fixed: $nggdb->get_gallery() returning a different result than before
= V2.0.74 - 02.20.2015 =
* Changed: Removed jQuery Lightbox and Highslide due to incompatible licensing with GPL
= V2.0.71 - 02.19.2015 =
* NEW: Module files are compiled into a single package file to reduce disk I/O
* NEW: All CSS stylesheets and Javascript source files are minified to reduce latency
* NEW: All lightboxes are configured using an in-memory management class.
* NEW: Uses Pope 2.0, benefiting from the new caching capabilities
* NEW: NextGEN Gallery's functionality is disabled if NextGEN Pro is incompatible
* NEW: Added ngg_effect_code filter
* Changed: Updated plugin's FontAwesome to 4.3.0
* Changed: Updated plugin's select2 to 3.5.2
* Changed: Removed PicLens / CoolIris integration from WordPress gallery plugin
* Changed: Removed JSON API. Please use XML-RPC API instead
* Changed: For performance reasons, we cache FS & url lookups/calculations
* Changed: Greatly reduced the # of sql queries, and eliminated anything redundant
* Changed: For performance reasons, we cache datamapper and SQL queries
* Changed: Don't enqueue scripts or styles unless we require them
* Changed: Reduce the number of resources we enqueue for every HTTP request
* Changed: Ngg_Store now uses cookies instead of localStorage
* Changed: Insert Gallery Window is routed using wp-admin/admin_init
* Changed: Removed unused code from ngglegacy module. Created wrappers for commonly-used functions
* Changed: LZW module removed
* Changed: Legacy template drop-down selection now using select2
* Secured: Restrict folder browsing to NGG_IMPORT_ROOT constant
* Fixed: Compatibility issue with PHP's transparent ZLIB compression
* Fixed: Imagebrowser as lightbox effect not working when non-default permalink slug used
* Fixed: Angled quotations marks used in shortcode parameters
* Fixed: Compatibility between ImageBrowser display type and TwentyFifteen theme
* Fixed: Allow pagination to retain query string url parameters when linking to other pages
* Fixed: Fixed pagination issues with slideshow galleries displayed as thumbnails
* Fixed: Fix C_GalleryStorage_Driver_Base->import_gallery_from_fs() not checking imgBackup
* Fixed: Fixed problem with default settings being applied multiple times
* Fixed: Fallback to "full" image sizes if "backup" images aren't available
* Fixed: Use M_DataMapper's serialization methods throughout the codebase
* Fixed: Conflict with WordPress SEO and get_the_excerpt() call
* Fixed: Don't run Resource Manager on wp-login.php or wp-sign.php
* Fixed: TinyMCE Image Editor conflict with Insert Gallery Window placeholder images
* Fixed: Fix Shutter positioning when admin bar is displayed
* Fixed: Allow deselection of a WordPress gallery plugin legacy template
* Fixed: Prevent conflicts when using imagebrowser as a lightbox effect
* Fixed: Pagination not working for slideshows using thumbnail integration
= V2.0.66.33 - 11.24.2014 =
* Fixed: Broken NextGEN Pro ecommerce-related shortcodes
* Fixed: Spanish PO file
= V2.0.66.31 - 11.21.2014 =
* Fixed: Broken shortcodes with WordPress 4.0.1
= V2.0.66.29 - 09.17.2014 =
* NEW: Added skip_excluding_globally_excluded_images property to displayed gallery objects
* Fixed: SQL generation for random image selection
* Fixed: Adjust regex for replacing displayed gallery placeholder images
* Fixed: Removed filters to home_url needed previously for WMPL compatibility
* Fixed: Use canonical redirects when appropriate
* Fixed: Ability to override image files using XML-RPC
= V2.0.66.27 - 08.18.2014 =
* Fixed: Missing class.frame_communication_option_handler.php error
= V2.0.66.26 - 08.18.2014 =
* NEW: Added fault tolerance to bulk action AJAX requests
* Changed: Moved some WordPress gallery plugin settings from DB to in-memory
* Fixed: Compatibility with BuddyPress plugin in multisite environments
* Fixed: Ability to find static resources outside of WP_PLUGIN_DIR
* Fixed: Autoupdate conflict with Photocrati Theme
* Fixed: Workaround GoDaddy's throttling of consecutive AJAX requests
* Fixed: Issue with settings manager in multisite enviroments
= V2.0.66.17 - 08.08.2014 =
* NEW: Added French translations
* Secured: XSS vulnerability in jQuery Plupload Queue (thanks Codevigilant Team)
* Secured: XSS vulnerability in thumbnail/slideshow integration links
* Secured: XSS vulnerability on Manage Albums page
= V2.0.66.16 - 07.30.2014 =
* NEW: Added new "limit" setting to Slideshow widgets
* NEW: Added a "ngg_routes" action for other plugins to hook into to provide new routes
* NEW: Added NGG_SKIP_LOAD_SCRIPTS constant, which existed in 1.9.x
* NEW: Added NGG_GALLERY_ROOT_TYPE constant. Set to 'content' to load galleries from the content_dir / content_url
* NEW: Bosnian (bs_BA) language thanks to Nevesin Srdoc
* NEW: Chinese (zh_CN) language thanks to Vahi Chen,
* NEW: Dutch (nl_NL) language thanks to Taeke Kooiker
* NEW: Filipino (fil) language thanks to Find Hold,
* NEW: French (fr_FR) language thanks to Jean-Yves Dumaine & Le Blog de Lise
* NEW: Hungarian (hu_HU) language thanks to Zoltán Varanka
* NEW: Italian (it_IT) language thanks to Jacopo Caggiano, @tizz
* NEW: Russian (ru_RU) language thanks to SnakeD3
* NEW: Spanish (es_ES) language thanks to Andrew Kurtis at WebHostingHub
* Changed: Updated Czech language thanks to Separatista; additional thanks to Martin Krizek for the original translation who was mistakenly unaccredited
* Changed: "Upgrade to Pro" page has new design, advertises for NextGEN Plus
* Changed: Basic Albums templates now given the image counter P element the class 'ngg-album-gallery-image-counter' (by user request)
* Changed: Gallery widgets now apply height:auto to their element; fixes compatibility with some themes
* Changed: Random galleries should be substantially faster now (1000% or more for large image tables)
* Fixed: Complete WPML compatibility
* Fixed: Disable Buddypress 'bp_do_redirect_canonical' filter as it ruins our routing system
* Fixed: Use plugins_url() content_url() when appropriate rather than just site_url() and home_url()
* Fixed: WP Cron job will remove not only displayed gallery transients, but rendering transients as well
* Fixed: NGG_RENDERING_CACHE_TTL constant is honored properly
* Fixed: If using the caption template for Basic Thumbnails, only show the image caption when appropriate
* Fixed: If NGG is uninstalled, so are it's custom capabilities
* Fixed: Translate "Attach NextGEN Gallery to Post" ATP icon alt text when translations are active
* Fixed: Multisite gallery path tooltip gave a wrong default setting
* Fixed: Flush 'all' caches when pope_module_list setting changes
* Fixed: Don't enqueue related images css in the admin
* Fixed: Basic Slideshows fixes WP creating extraneous P element above the slideshow display
* Fixed: Basic Singlepic will now display images marked 'excluded' in the admin
* Fixed: Admin pages can now update when the "Save" button text has been translated
= V2.0.66 - 05.20.2014 =
* Secured: Check mime type of image files using a variety of mechanisms
= V2.0.65 - 05.04.2014 =
* Secured: Limit uploads to images and zips
= V2.0.63 - 04.29.2014 =
* NEW: Translation ready
* NEW: Including German translation by Roland Stumpp
* NEW: Including Czech translation by Separatista
* NEW: Including Finnish translation by Vesa Tiirikainen
* NEW: WPML / qTranslate support
* NEW: Bundled Browser+ JavaScript library
* NEW: Added NGG_DISABLE_FILTER_THE_CONTENT constant to manage conflicts
* Changed: Moved jquery.nextgen_radio_toggle.js to NextGEN Admin Module
* Changed: Original display settings are passed to secondary display types
* Fixed: Thumbnail dimension calculations are inaccurate by 1px when maintaining aspect ratio
* Fixed: Copy IPTC data from original to new image when creating new sizes / thumbnails
* Fixed: Use correct absolute path when importing images in a multisite environment
* Fixed: Incorrect display of disk space quotas in multisite environments
* Fixed: Removed redundant roles form in multisite environments
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window support for multisite environments
* Fixed: Incorrect handling of NextGEN Styles in multisite environments
* Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin not honouring NGG_IMPORT_ROOT constant
* Fixed: Fixed inability to edit gallery properties using XMLRPC's edit_gallery method
* Fixed: Alignment issues in Basic Compact Albums caused by subalbums not displaying image 'counter'
* Fixed: Display setting forms compatibility issue with WordPress 3.9
* Fixed; Compability with jQuery Dialogs in WordPress 3.9
* Fixed: Maximum entity code should be a displayed gallery property for recent/random sources only
* Fixed: Problems with zlib compression:
* Fixed: Support for web servers which use a document root of '//'
* Fixed: Compatibility with WPML Translation Management
* Fixed: use 'del' for function name in ngg_store.js, 'delete' is a reserved keyword
* Fixed: Enqueue fontawesome only when necessary
* Fixed: Suhosin compatibility issue when overriding PHP memory limit
* Fixed: Handle images of wrong image type correctly when trying to create cropped thumbnails
* Fixed: Datamapper entities not allowed to have properties with a value of 0
* Fixed: Resource manager is manipulating feeds
* Fixed: Convert absolute urls to relative urls for lightboxes
* Fixed: Start the resource manager as early as we can within the init action
* Fixed: Routing problem for galleries with images named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc.
* Fixed: Added tooltips to basic slideshow settings
* Fixed: Remove CKEditor's NextGEN button, which is incompatible with NextGEN Gallery 2.x
= V2.0.61 - 04.01.2014 =
* Fixed: Compatibility with WP 3.9
* Fixed: Exception thrown when using Reset button
= V2.0.59 - 03.18.2014 =
* Changed: Separated pope_module_list from ngg_options record in options table
* Fixed: Removed code causing jQuery compatibility issues in WP Admin
* Fixed: Allow third-parties to override jQuery with Google's CDN
* Fixed: When resetting the 'jquery' handle, ensure that jquery-migrate is a dependency
* Fixed: Silenced many PHP warnings in gallery plugin
* Fixed: Datamapper->count() not returning the correct count
* Fixed: Compatibility with Gravity Forms
= V2.0.58 - 03.10.2014 =
* Fixed: Reset jQuery to WP defaults when modified by a third-party
* Fixed: Compatibility with WP jQuery Lightbox plugin
* Fixed: Compatibility with Peekaboo theme
= V2.0.57 - 03.05.2014 =
* NEW: Re-introduced the Reset button to WordPress gallery plugin
* NEW: Tooltip added for Page Link to functionality
* NEW: Displayed Gallery Triggers moved from NextGEN Pro to NextGEN Gallery (not in use)
* NEW: Added NGG_Store, a client-side persistence layer (not in use)
* NEW: Added NGG_CRON_SCHEDULE constant. Set to the number of seconds between the execution of NextGEN Gallery cron jobs
* NEW: Added NGG_RENDERING_CACHE_TTL constant. TTL measured in seconds.
* NEW: Added NGG_DISPLAYED_GALLERY_CACHE_TTL constant. TTL measured in seconds.
* NEW: Added NGG_DISABLE_LEGACY_SHORTCODES constant. When TRUE, [slideshow] becomes [nggslideshow].
* NEW: Added Font Awesome, available for NextGEN Gallery extensions
* Changed: Transients are removed every 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes
* Changed: Admin Page & Form components refactored to allow custom POST processing
* Changed: Default path for NEW multisite installations to wp-content/uploads/sites/%BLOG_ID%/nggallery/
* Fixed: Ability to upload ZIP files on Windows hosts
* Fixed: Support for filenames with non-ASCII characters
* Fixed: Dynamic updates in the Insert Gallery interface (interframe communication)
* Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin insert interface freezing in IE11
* Fixed: Path issues on Windows Servers
* Fixed: Module installer integrity
* Fixed: Database query performance. No more joins to the WP options table
* Fixed: Lightboxes storing absolute paths for static resources
* Fixed: Displayed gallery cache not regularly flushed
* Fixed: SQL query performance problems. Honor max_packet_allowed variable for MySQL
* Fixed: Multiple database queries generated for determining next available image slug
* Fixed: Corrupted MediaRSS feeds
* Fixed: Padding on Gallery Settings and Other Options pages
* Fixed: Routing issues on subdirectory installs
* Fixed: Importing galleries using the Insert Gallery Interface
* Fixed: Gallery path calculations on Windows web servers
* Fixed: Sub-album urls not processed correctly
* Fixed: Apply maximum entity count to existing displayed galleries
* Fixed: NextGEN Gallery Thumbnail Widget shouldn't use ImageBrowser effect
* Fixed: Ability to set shuffle parameter for ImageRotator slideshows
* Fixed: PHP warning about HTMLDocument when displaying a SinglePic
* Fixed: Sanitization of gallery title
* Fixed: Home URL now used instead of Site URL in MediaRSS feed
* Fixed: Insert Gallery interface broken when WPML is installed
* Fixed: Insert Gallery interface instructing browser to cache the page
* Fixed: Watermarking not working in low-memory environments
* Fixed: Maximum images limit not being applied for galleries already created.
* Fixed: Double forward slashes in static urls
* Fixed: Don't sleep when checking if the installer is running
* Fixed: Don't enforce Pope interface contracts
* Fixed: Remove custom table extra records from wp_options table
* Fixed: Scan folder for new images and photos not working
* Fixed: Incorrect page permalink used for "Page Link To" functionality
* Fixed: Pagination broken when Basic Thumbnail gallery on the same page as Basic Album
* Fixed: parse_url() warnings generated for PHP 5.3.3 and earlier
* Fixed: Compatibility with Headway Themes
* Fixed: Compatibility with web servers which don't provide PHP a document root
* Fixed: Third-party incompatibilities caused by the Photocrati Resource Manager
* Fixed: Compatibility with the Flattr plugin
* Fixed: Compatibility with the Weaver II theme
* Fixed: Gallery plugin interface tweaks for WordPress 3.8
= V2.0.40 - 11.26.2013 =
* NEW: Added the ability to apply lightbox effects to non-NGG images
* NEW: Added NGG_HIDE_STRICT_ERRORS constant. Define and set to TRUE to hide strict errors
* NEW: Added NEXTGEN_GALLERY_IMPORT_ROOT constant. Define and set to TRUE to browse from a custom directory
* NEW: Added NGG_DEBUG constant. Define and set to TRUE to display helpful messages for debugging
* NEW: Each custom table record will have an associated custom post record for expansion
* NEW: Display helpful error messages when there's a problem uploading images and photos
* NEW: Add data-(src|thumbnail|image-id|title|description) attribute to gallery image anchors
* NEW: Variant support for displayed gallery sources. Random images is limited to 5 variations
* Fixed: Excessive creation of transients for random galleries
* Fixed: Issues prohibiting the ability to upload images and photos
* Fixed: Compatibility with NextGEN Gallery Export Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (thanks Vladimir!)
* Fixed: Sorting in the Insert Gallery interface
* Fixed: HTML allowed in gallery/album descriptions
* Fixed: Requests for galleries within albums that have numeric names are broken
* Fixed: Call to a non-member function get() on WP_Query
* Fixed: Ability to sort by Image ID in the Insert Gallery interface
* Fixed: Isolate the Insert Gallery Window from implicit third-party script inclusion
* Fixed: Check for the existance of thumbnails when generating urls, and if missing, generate new ones
* Fixed: Compatibility with NextGEN Facebook OpenGraph+ plugin
* Fixed: Various XML-RPC issues in WordPress gallery plugin
* Fixed: Widgets stylesheet not included
* Fixed: Issue with color not being pre-selected when previewing Watermark
* Fixed: E_NOTICE emitted when cleaning up cached image files
* Fixed: E_NOTICE emitted when viewing display type settings
* Fixed: Typo adjusting pcre.backtrack_limit for shortcodes
* Fixed: Content within the tabs of the Insert Gallery interface cut-off
* Fixed: Routing problem which would cause conflicts with different display types on the same page
* Fixed: Broken Dynamic CSS links on GoDaddy
* Fixed: Ability to use HTML in gallery/album descriptions
* Fixed: Sub-album requests conflicting with paginated galleries on the same page
* Merged: Pull request from andreasE (
= V2.0.33 - 10.21.2013 =
* NEW: Requests /ngg_tag/[tagname] will create a displayed gallery
* NEW: Option added to "Import Gallery" tab to use original images
* Fixed: Links are broken on the ngg_tags-sitemap.xml file by WordPress SEO
* Fixed: PHP notice: Attempt to assign property of non-object
* Fixed: Undefined property warnings when using NextGEN Basic Thumbnails
* Fixed: Detect if an applying a transient to a displayed gallery was successful
* Fixed: Compatibility issues with BJ-Lazy-Load and Colorbox
* Fixed: Pagination conflicts for multiple Imagebrowsers on the same page
* Fixed: Ability to display previous exception with debug mode
* Fixed: Tagclouds not working in multisite instances
* Fixed: Load widgets.css when a widget is being used
* Fixed: Installer should remove all instances of the component factory
* Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin widget settings interface not intuitive
* Fixed: Inability to upload images and photos in some Windows host environments
* Fixed: Sorting images/galleries using the Insert Gallery interface
* Fixed: Fix detection of HTTPS (pull request by Leonhardt Wille)
* Fixed: Compilation errors of regular expressions
* Fixed: Pro galleries wouldn't display in environments using PHP 5.3.3 or less
* Fixed: Scanning of router slug is now limited to the uri, not the url
* Fixed: Show slideshow link isn't required for thumbnail/imagebrowser integration
* Fixed: WordPress media-upload with 'singlepic' image size
* Fixed: Use target=_blank when the link setting is provided for NextGEN Basic Singlepic
* Fixed: Only display rendering errors if WP_DEBUG is enabled
= V2.0.31 - 10.03.2013 =
* NEW: Restored AJAX pagination for NextGEN Basic ImageBrowser display type
* Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress Local SEO by Yoast
* Fixed: Inability to upload images if image_slug field was missing in database
* Fixed: Integration of NextGEN Basic Thumbnail and NextGEN Basic Slideshow display types
* Fixed: Photocrati Resource Manager further adjusted to be third-party friendly
* Fixed: Added the ability to find legacy templates in both the child/parent theme directories
* Fixed: JavaScript errors in Attach to Post interface
* Fixed: Router can handle port numbers in urls
* Fixed: Carousel template was linking to NextGEN Basic ImageBrowser view
* Fixed: SQL query generated for displayed galleries using tags as source
* Fixed: 3rd party compat: raise & never lower pcre.backtrack_limit
= V2.0.30 - 09.25.2013 =
* NEW: Restored the ability to use imagebrowser display type instead of a lightbox effect
* Changed: Displayed galleries are no longer rendered in RSS feeds
* Changed: Removed "Plugin Check" widget from WordPress gallery plugin overview page
* Fixed: Silence PHP warnings/errors in an output buffer for AJAX actions
* Fixed: Compatibility issue with WordPress SEO and broken site maps (and large error_logs)
* Fixed: Compatibility issue with AJAX Event Calendar (and possibly others)
* Fixed: Adjusted Photocrati Resource Manager to be third-party friendly
* Fixed: Fixed empty result set for displayed galleries selecting 'All' tags
* Fixed: URL generation for imagebrowser pagination links
* Fixed: Ensure that image meta is imported on creation
* Fixed: Ensure that transients are removed when an external object cache is used
* Fixed: Don't load pluggable.php. This will fix plugin conflicts
* Fixed: In Insert Gallery interface, galleries created in one tab weren't showing in another
* Fixed: Don't output frame events cookie for XML-RPC requests
= V2.0.27 - 09.18.2013 =
* Fixed: Reduce performance impact of purging displayed gallery transients
= V2.0.25 - 09.18.2013 =
* Changed: Reverting to the 2.0.21 codebase, due to major performance issues in 2.0.23 and 2.0.24
= V2.0.24 - 09.18.2013 =
* WARNING: Broken release. Uses wp_clear_scheduled_hooks() to purge cron records
= V2.0.23 - 09.12.2013 =
* WARNING: Broken release. Major bug creates redundant cron jobs
* NEW: WP-Cron job to periodically clean-up displayed gallery transients
* NEW: Added "excluded_container_ids" as parameter for ngg_images shortcode
* Fixed: Lightbox effect is honoured by all display types
* Fixed: Highslide displays images and photos from the correct displayed galleries
* Fixed: Ensure that sub-albums display correctly when the word "album" is part of a slug
* Fixed: Ensure that sub-albums display correctly when numerical slugs are used
* Fixed: Related images heading only added when Related Images functionality is enabled
* Fixed: PHP Warning about undefined index when viewing basic albums
* Fixed: AJAX handling is third-party compatible
* Fixed: Image date is no longer overwritten when an image is modified
* Fixed: Fixed issue with displayed galleries using source='tags'
* Fixed: Problem with transient cache not getting flushed properly from Other Options page
* Fixed: Use correct gallery/transient ID when ajax pagination is used
= V2.0.21 - 09.09.2013 =
* NEW: Multisite support
* Changed: Default image quality set to 100 for generated images and photos
* Changed: Removed dependence on simplehtmldom library
* Fixed: Related images functionality works as it did in 1.9.x
* Fixed: Don't compress inline JavaScript in post/page content
* Fixed: Click-to-advance slideshow behavior for slideshows
* Fixed: Security warnings from VaultPress
* Fixed: View as Slideshow link works with AJAX pagination
* Fixed: Broken links on WordPress gallery plugin Overview page
* Fixed: WordPress gallery plugin Backup images option
* Fixed: Stylesheet url generated correctly for Windows hosts
* Fixed: Compatibility with NextGen Custom Fields plugin
* Fixed: Compatibility with Adsense Explosion plugin
* Fixed: Suppress wp_footer notices unless WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE
= V2.0.17 - 08.30.2013 =
Fixed: Match legacy behaviour when changing gallery path, i.e. don't move files
= V2.0.14 - 08.27.2013 =
* NEW: Added the ability to override thumbnail settings for NextGEN Basic Albums
* NEW: Shortcode Manager API, which ensures that shortcodes are outputted as intended
* Changed: Re-added the ability to select the original image size for widgets
* Fixed: Ensure that stylesheet url returned is correct for Windows hosts
* Fixed: Broken links and lightbox effects with AJAX pagination
* Fixed: Try to ensure that third party plugins don't add content to our dynamic JS
* Fixed: Improved reliability of iframely.js
* Fixed: Ensure that urls are generated correctly in HTTPs environments
* Fixed: Datamapper works correctly in environments where temporary tables aren't supported
* Fixed: Fixed an issue with thickbox loading animation when home url differs from site url
= V2.0.11 - 08.19.2013 =
* NEW: Added "run_ngg_resource_manager" hook to by-pass our resource manager
* Changed: Removed "Reset & Uninstall" tab, for now
* Fixed: Compatibility with W3 Total Cache. Please flush cache after updating.
* Fixed: Conflicts with Photocrati Theme Galleries
* Fixed: Blank Insert Gallery interface window
* Fixed: Fixed ability to change Lightbox Effect settings
* Fixed: Implemented techniques to ensure WP_Query variables aren't overwritten
* Fixed: Enqueuing AJAX JS libraries twice in wp-admin
* Fixed: Encoding issues
* Fixed: PHP warnings caused by accessing unserialized data as array
* Fixed: Fixed WordPress gallery plugin installer issues
= V2.0.7 - 08.09.2013 =
* NEW: New resource manager that fixes many plugin and theme incompatibilities
* NEW: Styles (custom stylesheets) should reside in wp-content/ngg_styles
* NEW: Added option to "Other Options -> Misc" to control maximum images returned
* Secured: Removed default connector for jQuery FileTree library
* Changed: Updated the simplehtmldom library to version 1.5
* Changed: jQuery is now enqueued at the beginning of every request
* Fixed: Incompatibilities with BuddyPress
* Fixed: Incompatibilities with Events+, bbPress, Custom Permalinks, and many other plugins
* Fixed: Incompcatibilities with Member Access, AMember, Magic Fields, and More Fields
* Fixed: Incompatibilities with Elegant Themes, Oxygen, Responsive, and many other themes
* Fixed: Ensure that gallery images don't have a border by default
* Fixed: Conflict between imagebrowser and album urls
* Fixed: Reverted default gallerypath to wp-content/gallery/
* Fixed: Upgrade-safe way of overriding Styles
* Fixed: Generation of AJAX url is now based on slug
* Fixed: Restore nggShowGallery and nggShowSlideshow as wrappers to new API
* Fixed: Always use domain as specified by WordPress Site URL
* Fixed: Use WordPress Home URL over Site URL when appropriate
* Fixed: Numerous WordPress gallery plugin pagination issues
* Fixed: Adjusted our forms to comply with WordPress Firewalls
* Fixed: Correct use of select2 DOM selector for maximum compatibility
* Fixed: Path and URL calculations for Windows and UNIX environments
* Fixed: Ensure that pluggable.php is loaded at the start of every request
* Fixed: Fancybox: adjust CSS for further box-sizing protection from themes
* Fixed: Use PHP 5.2.1 compatible named pattern matching syntax
* Fixed: Remove usage of __DIR__ constant not supported by PHP 5.2.x
* Fixed: Removed dependency on mb_string PHP module
* Fixed: Allow "No Lightbox" as an option for Lightbox Effects
* Fixed: Warning: "Invalid CRT parameters detected" for Windows environments
= V2.0 - 07.30.2013 =
* NEW: Improved user experience throughout the plugin, settings and usage.
* NEW: Plupload queue uploader that allows for bulk and zip uploads within the same interface.
* NEW: Complete redesign of the NextGEN options panel
* NEW: Added new interface for adding galleries from pages and posts.
* NEW: Galleries are now mobile friendly and responsive, which is most noticeable with a responsive theme.
* NEW: Streamlined functionality for displaying galleries based on tags.
* NEW: Architecture based on Pope Framework (
* NEW: New shortcode, “ngg_images”, and corresponding Insert Gallery interface
* NEW: Galleries have now global and instance settings
* NEW: Support for FastCGI environments
* Changed: Replaces shortcodes with placeholder images, however still supports legacy shortcodes.
* Changed: Introduced new Growl-like notifications for WordPress gallery plugin
* Changed: The container and its images are centered for photo slideshows
* Changed: NextGEN styles now override vs replace default styles
* Changed: NextGEN legacy templates have been deprecated (but still function)
* FIXED: The ability to use NextGEN image as a Featured Image.
* FIXED: Misc PHP warnings, errors, in gallery plugin
= V1.9.13 - 06.11.2013 =
* NEW: Slideshows are now centered to their content area
* Secured: Ensure that only logged in users can upload images via plugin
* Fixed: Import date is preserved are no longer Jan 1 1970
* Fixed: Removed mention of upgrade.php, which no longer exists
= V1.9.12 - 02.15.2013 =
* Fixed: jQuery Conflict Detection was trying to dequeue irremovable scripts
= V1.9.11 - 02.12.2013 =
* NEW: Added the ability to detect JQuery conflicts on NGG Admin Pages and auto-resolve
* Changed: Added "nggalbum" shortcode. Use this when Jetpack is installed.
* Changed: Using natural sorting algorithm for alphanumeric values
* Changed: Database schema is automatically updated when out-of-date
* Fixed: Empty drop-down for "Page Link To"
* Fixed: Alphabetical image sorting
* Fixed: Compatibility between gallery plugin and Arjuna X theme
* Fixed: “Creating default object from empty value” on album page
* Fixed: Compatibility issues with PHP 5.4 on album page
* Fixed: E_DEPRECATED warning when using get_userdatabylogin() function
* Fixed: Removed many E_NOTICE errors
* Fixed: Correct use of register_uninstall_hook across all PHP versions
= V1.9.10 - 12.18.2012 =
* Fixed: XML-RPC error displayed when authenticating using WordPress 3.5
* Fixed: Restored compatibility with NextGEN Gallery Export Plugin
* Fixed: Removed some remaining references to database upgrade code
* Fixed: Deleted galleries within an album are handed gracefully without warning messages
* Fixed: Correct use of register_uninstall_hook
* Fixed: CSS and usability issues with the TinyMCE window used to display galleries
* Fixed: Inability to generate new image slugs
= V1.9.9 - 12.14.2012 =
* NEW: JW ImageRotator v3.17 is now bundled with the plugin and used by default.
* Changed: Removed database upgrade code for versions of NextGEN Gallery earlier than 1.9.3
* Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress v3.5 ( wpdb->prepare() warnings )
* Fixed: Sorting by filename now produces expected results using a natural sorting algorithm
= V1.9.8 - 12.05.2012 =
* Secured: Removed bundled version of swfupload. See fix below for SCM information.
* Changed: All transients created by NextGEN are flushed when the plugin is activated.
* Fixed: Our primary SCM is conducted at, but was not synchronizing correctly with the WordPress Plugin SVN Repository
* Fixed: The transient adjustment fixes:
= V1.9.7 - 11.12.2012 =
* Secured: Removed bundled version of swfupload; using WordPress-bundled version instead for WordPress 3.2 instances
* Changed: Using JQuery UI for the image sorting interface (thanks Tomás Soler)
* Bugfix: Image uploads work in WP 3.2 when using Safari
* Bugfix: Adjusted TinyMCE window to use built-in JavaScript libraries
* Bugfix: Removed Photocrati acquisition announcement from WordPress gallery plugin
* Bugfix: Fixed incorrect usage of ImageJpeg() function
* Bugfix: Switched from "template_redirect" to "wp_enqueue_script" hook to load scripts and styles
= V1.9.6 - 07.21.2012 =
* Changed: Implemented workaround for bug found in WordPress SEO, resulting in no images being added to sitemap
* Bugfix: Fixed an issue with users not being able to dismiss the "Photocrati Acquisition Notice"
* Bugfix: Adjusted Javascript for activating social media pages to load on NextGEN Gallery pages only.
* Bugfix: Fixed compatibility issue with Simple Facebook Connect
* Bugfix: Using correct Facebook Page ID in Like button
= V1.9.5 - 07.18.2012 =
* Changed: Branding changes following Photocrati acquisition (removed donation messages and updated links)
* Secured: Use WordPress-bundled JavaScript libraries for swfobject and swfupload instead of bundling our own
* Bugfix: Adjusted thickbox effect styling to ensure that the lightbox is always displayed in the foreground
* Bugfix: Fixed compatibility issues with Contact Form 7 and other plugins by following WordPress Plugin conventions
* Bugfix: Fixed network-wide gallery plugin activation in WordPress 3.4
* Bugfix: Gallery plugin is no longer dependent on its folder name
= V1.9.3 - 26.02.2012 =
* Bugfix : Ensure to set the slug for "all" albums
* Bugfix : Updated german translation ( THX to Roger Hunziker )
* Bugfix : Ensure error checking on IPTC array (THX to Kristian Edlund)
* Bugfix : Handle IE8 cached images better in slideshow
* Bugfix : Show album preview image if selected (THX to Kristian Edlund)
= V1.9.2 - 17.01.2012 =
* NEW : Added more XMLRPC commands (THX to Vladimir Vinogradsky)
* Changed : Rework Post-thumbnail function (THX to Kristian Edlund)
* Bugfix : Check first for valid images on unzip (only Mac OS zip-files)
* Bugfix : Increase z-index for twenty eleven theme
* Bugfix : Support non latin chars in tagcloud
* Bugfix : Allow other tinymce intance
* Bugfix : Better gallery plugin upport for WPML translation
= V1.9.1 - 10.12.2011 =
* Bugfix : Security hardness for untrusted filenames/meta data (THX to Brian St. Pierre)
* Bugfix : Fixed security vulnerability (TXH to Jon Cave)
* Bugfix : Load piclens script via other function
* Bugfix : IE7 script fix for add gallery
* Bugfix : IE7/IE8 width set correctly for edit album autocomplete field
= V1.9.0 - 27.11.2011 =
* NEW : Keep images transparency for PNG and GIF format
* NEW : Switch to Plupload, support now HTML5 Upload (only with WordPress 3.3)
* NEW : Added client side resize feature (only with WordPress 3.3)
* NEW : Support for gallery templates in album shortcodes [ album id=x template="name" gallery="templatename" ]
* NEW : Added new hook ngg_delete_picture
* Changed : Updated gallery plugin to jQuery Cycle Version 2.9995
* Changed : Always cache the single pictures, remove option
* Bugfix : Couldn't use bulk operation for search results
* Bugfix : Bugfix for Edit thumbnails under IE 8 + 9
* Bugfix : Allow empty altext in ngg.editImage
* Bugfix : Various PHP notice fixes in gallery plugin
* Bugfix : Resize fix for Shutter effect and mobile Browser
* Bugfix : FTP Import missing slug field into database
* Bugfix : Check also EXIF field "DateTimeOriginal" for timestamp
= V1.8.4 - 26.10.2011 =
* Bugfix : Fixed security vulnerability (TXH to Alain Schneider)
= V1.8.3 - 07.08.2011 =
* Changed : Support for simple custom permalink structures (i.e. /%category%/%postname%/)
* Bugfix : Sub-Albums in Albums didn't create the correct link
* Bugfix : AJAX Pagination didn't work anymore
* Bugfix : Adding index.php to home_url()
* Bugfix : Preview picture lost on backend gallery page 2 or higher
= V1.8.2 - 12.07.2011 =
* Bugfix : Set pagination variables for search result, otherwise update failed
* Bugfix : Update failed for paged galleries since WordPress 3.2
= V1.8.1 - 18.06.2011 =
* Bugfix : Special case for pagination, instead of showing page-1, we show the clean url
* Bugfix : Various PHP notice fixes in gallery plugin
* Bugfix : Typo in rewrite rules
* Bugfix : Flush rewrite rules during upgrade later
= V1.8.0 - 12.06.2011 =
* NEW : Full rework of permalink url structure
* NEW : Adding Google Sitemaps for Images (require WordPress SEO plugin by YOAST )
* NEW : Support for WPML ( WordPress Multilingual Plugin )
* NEW : Adding support for arrow key in shutter effect (THX to Flyvans)
* NEW : Adding sort operation for galleries overview page
* Changed : Updated pagination to new WP3.1 style
* Bugfix : Create unique slug in a better way
* Bugfix : Rework screen options filter for gallery and image table
* Bugfix : Empty values in XMLRPC update calls are ignored
* Bugfix : Create gallery failed when safe-mode on
* Bugfix : Permalink didn't work in combination with album & imagebrowser
= V1.7.4 - 15.02.2011 =
* Bugfix : Disallow direct call of ajax file to avoid path disclosure (THX to High-Tech Bridge SA)
* Bugfix : Rework jQuery Cycle slideshow for IE compat reason (THX to Justin Dickenson)
* Bugfix : Resize only larger images in slideshow
* Bugfix : Improved image format detection in gd.thumbnail class (THX to Kupar.b)
= V1.7.3 - 20.01.2011 =
* NEW : Introduce plugin health check for conflicts with other plugins/themes
* NEW : Adding new XMLRPC method ngg.deleteImage
* NEW : Adding new XMLRPC method ngg.editImage
* Changed : Rework register script for autocomplete feature
* Bugfix : Bugfix for Multisite setup and flash upload
* Bugfix : WP3.1 compat issue, show site admin page only on Multisite installation
= V1.7.2 - 13.12.2010 =
* Bugfix : Adding images to database require slug
= V1.7.1 - 13.12.2010 =
* Changed : Disable upgrade for PHP4 user
* Changed : Disable colorpicker for WordPress gallery plugin option page
* Bugfix : Compat fix for upgrade
= V1.7.0 - 11.12.2010 =
* NEW : Publish a new post direct from the gallery admin page
* NEW : Added filter hook 'ngg_get_image_metadata' to add more exif/iptc information
* NEW : Adding Autocomplete field to TinyMCE Popup and Album page
* NEW : More methods for XMLRPC interface
* Changed : New hooks for gallery table (THX to Alexander Schneider)
* Changed : Introduce jQuery dialog as new UI element for WordPress gallery plugin
* Changed : Call TinyMCE window via admin-ajax
* Bugfix : Better support for SSL blogs
* Bugfix : Install/Upgrade failed when table prefix contain captial letters
* Bugfix : Fix validation issues in Media-RSS
* Bugfix : Empty tags in XMP Meta causes PHP error
* Bugfix : Rework load mechanism for slideshow
* Bugfix : Copy meta data when image is copied
* Bugfix : Icon Support for Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu
* Bugfix : Use correct sort order in slideshow
= V1.6.2 - 19.09.2010 =
* NEW : Added constant NGG_SKIP_LOAD_SCRIPTS to avoid script load
* Bugfix : Load Tags library with core files
* Bugfix : Slideshow script failed in IE7, load script now in header
* Bugfix : Load slideshow widget always
* Changed : New admin notice for database upgrade
* Changed : Rework crop feature of WordPress gallery plugin for featured images
* Changed : Use site_url() instead get_option ('siteurl'), required for SSL support
= V1.6.1 - 08.09.2010 =
* Bugfix : Script load of swfobject.js failed
* Bugfix : Show sideshow also with 1 or 2 images
* Bugfix : Rework null byte check in zip upload
= V1.6.0 - 07.09.2010 =
* NEW : Wordpress 3.0 Network (Multi-Site) support
* NEW : Integrate jQuery Cycle as NON-Flash slideshow
* NEW : Adding jQuery File Tree for import folder (THX to Sergey Pasyuk )
* NEW : Added action hook 'ngg_show_imagebrowser_first' on custom request
* NEW : Added filter hook 'ngg_slideshow_size' to resize sildeshow for mobile browser plugins
* Changed : Reorder tabs for upload
* Changed : New menu icon and screen icon (THX to Ben Dunkle)
* Changed : Load frontend libs always
* Changed : Rework of WordPress gallery plugin overview page
* Bugfix : Security bugfix for Zip-Upload (THX to Dominic Szablewski)
* Bugfix : Allow JPG, PNG, GIF extension
* Bugfix : New German translation (THX to Martin Kramarz)
* Bugfix : Copy/Move also backup file
* Bugfix : Calculate correct ratio for fix thumbnail size (THX to Alekz Keck)
= V1.5.5 - 14.06.2010 =
* Bugfix : Compat issue for post thumbnails with WP2.9
* NEW : Adding more hooks for custom fields plugin
= V1.5.4 - 14.06.2010 =
* Bugfix : No resize of smaller images or photos
* Bugfix : Compat issues for Post Thumbnails under WP3.0
* Bugfix : Esc_URL in Media RSS
= V1.5.3 - 11.04.2010 =
* New : Adding pagination to footer
* Changed : Prepare new filter to replace slideshow
* Bugfix : Remove non-breaking space from navigation
* Bugfix : Pagination of galleries
* Bugfix : Fixed brackets position for old shortcode query
* Bugfix : Slideshow option 'Show next image on click" has wrong default value
= V1.5.2 - 25.03.2010 =
* Bugfix : XSS security vulnerability (THX to Core Security Advisories Team , Pedro Varangot)
* Bugfix : Missing $wpdb in shortcodes.php
= V1.5.1 - 23.03.2010 =
* Bugfix : PHP4 compat issue for Add gallery & options page
* Bugfix : Gallery widget can now have a empty title
* Bugfix : Adding correct stripslash for gallery title
= V1.5.0 - 18.03.2010 =
* NEW : Support for Post thumbnail feature
* NEW : Backup and Recover function for images (THX to Simone Fumagalli)
* NEW : Resize images after upload (THX to Simone Fumagalli)
* NEW : Added a JSON class for fetching galleries in a RESTful way (see xml/json.php)
* NEW : Adding various new capabilities for user roles
* NEW : Auto downloader for translation file
* Changed : Rename query var from slideshow to callback for compat reason with other plugin
* Changed : Convert WordPress gallery plugin widget function to new WP structure
* Changed : Include lookup for tags into the backend search
* Changed : Restructure addgallery and settings page to enable custom tabs
* Bugfix : Select album preview from gallery preview pics instead random list
* Bugfix : Keep fix dimension in edit thumbnail operation
* Bugfix : Import meta data didn't work correct for existing images
* Bugfix : Fix onload bug for Chrome 4 in Shutter script
* Bugfix : Remove various PHP notices for a better world
* Removed : Canonical link is now part of Wordpress 2.9
= V1.4.3 - 16.11.2009 =
* Bugfix : Urlencode XML file path for sildeshow
= V1.4.2 - 16.11.2009 =
* Changed : Load sildeshow XML not longer via relative path
* Bugfix : No imagebrowser in carousel mode
* Bugfix : JS Effect navigation based on wrong array structure
* Bugfix : Remove whitespaces from meta import
* Bugfix : Capability check for upgrade notice
* Removed : Hide "more settings" for now, causes problems with IE and jQuery UI tabs
= V1.4.1 - 10.11.2009 =
* Bugfix : Capabilites could not be saved
* Bugfix : Ajax pagination option not saved
* Bugfix : echo nggSlideshowWidget() for compat reason
= V1.4.0 - 08.11.2009 =
* NEW : Automatic rotate images during upload or via manage gallery page (THX to Simone Fumagalli)
* NEW : Include Bulkupdate for gallery overview, require PHP 5.2
* NEW : XMLRPC support with 4 new methods : see xmlrpc.php for more information
* NEW : Recent and random images can be taken from a specific gallery using the id=x parameter in the shortcode (THX to Prollius)
* NEW : Recent images can be recent by exif date (instead of database id) by using the mode=recentdate parameter in the shortcode (THX to Prollius)
* NEW : Introduce the WP_Object_cache and meta_data
* NEW : Various new hooks and filters
* Added : Better support for role manager plugin (THX to Mattias Buelens)
* Added : New option to add hidden images. Needed to show all images in a modal window (Thickbox, Lightbox et.)
* Added : New link parameter for the singlepic shortcode : [singlepic id=x w=x h=x link=""]
* Added : New template gallery-carousel
* Added : New id parameter for recent and random shortcodes : [random max="7" template="filename" id="2"] takes only pictures from the gallery with id=2
* Added : New mode parameter for recent shortcode : [recent max="7" template="filename" id="3" mode="date" /] where mode can be one of (id, date, sort). Recent pictures are delivered by addition to database (id), exif date (date) or user sort order (sort).
* Added : Enable/Disable Ajax navigation via settings
* Added : New filter hook 'ngg_render_template' to render templates with a other plugin
* Changed : Added option to link an album with a page id
* Changed : Support templates for child themes, use STYLESHEETPATH instead TEMPLATEPATH (THX to Prollius)
* Changed : Rework of WordPress gallery plugin Media RSS Widget
* Bugfix : Check capability to create a new page
* Bugfix : Fix double call of filter name , changed to ngg_picturelist_object (THX to Prollius)
* Bugfix : Check for a deleted gallery in a album
= V1.3.6 - 20.09.2009 =
* Changed : Just change the feed link
= V1.3.5 - 17.07.2009 =
* Bugfix : Fixed XSS issue for Page title
= V1.3.4 - 07.07.2009 =
* Added : New filter ngg_gallery_object and ngg_image_object
* Bugfix : Fix double rendering of a gallery if two album shortcodes are used
* Bugfix : Fix for custom field ngg_gal_sort
* Bugfix : Changed capability check for upload
* Bugfix : Check for correct version OR memory limit
= V1.3.3 - 11.06.2009 =
* Changed : Load Thickbox images via wp_footer()
* Bugfix : Widget setting could not be saved
= V1.3.2 - 10.06.2009 =
* Changed : Resize maximum to 1280 x 1280 with nggshow (THX to onezero)
* Bugfix : Bugfix for Multifile upload
* Bugfix : Bugfix for sortorder under jQuery 1.3
* Bugfix : Workaround for more albums per page, need more rework
* Bugfix : AJAX reload didn't work if slideshow is shown by default
* Bugfix : Redirect links didn't work if permalinks are deactivates
* Bugfix : Add new gallery in manage-overview didn't use defaultpath
= V1.3.1 - 07.06.2009 =
* Bugfix : Fixed ZIP upload, wrong variable used
* Bugfix : Check for array before foreach in album missing
= V1.3.0 - 07.06.2009 =
* NEW : Subalbum support for WordPress gallery plugin
* NEW : Search for images and photos in the admin tab
* NEW : Add new gallery also in manage tab
* NEW : AJAX support for Imagebrowser and gallery navigation (THX to Anty)
* NEW : Added zip upload via URL (THX to Juan Jose Galvez)
* Added : jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin v1.44
* Added : SWFUpload V2.2.0
* Changed : Remove extension for Alttext during first import
* Changed : Meta tag added via wp_head hook (THX to Viper)
* Bugfix : Correct various PHP notice messages
* Bugfix : Typo fix in custom fields for ngg_gal_ImageBrowser
* Bugfix : Avoid upload of images and photos in gallery without correct capability
= V1.2.1 - 22.03.2009 =
* NEW : Support for IE8 Web Slices in widgets
* NEW : Add filter ngg_image_object
* Changed : Descending order in add gallery menu
* Bugfix : Exclude option didn't work for multi pages
* Bugfix : Check for correct capability in manage gallery
= V1.2.0 - 09.03.2009 =
* NEW : Support for image tag cloud with shortcode [tagcloud]
* NEW : Adding shortcode [recent max="7" template="filename" /] & [random max="7" template="filename" /] to show the most recent/random pictures (THX to Bernhard)
* NEW : Crop photo thumbnails manually (THX to Simone Fumagalli)
* NEW : Support for i18n with polyglot or qtrans plugin (THX to Boris Glumpler)
* NEW : Canonical meta link support
* Added : SWFUpload V2.2.0 B5
* Added : New memory limit check in upload screen
* Bugfix : Language typo fixes for WordPress gallery plugin
* Bugfix : Admin Pagination fix
* Bugfix : Typo fix in WordPress gallery plugin widgets
* Bugfix : Init column script after document is ready
* Bugfix : htmlspecialchars() instead htmlentities() for links in the a href title description
* Bugfix : Upgrade routine didn't add sortorder to correct table (THX to Uwe)
* Bugfix : Correct shotcode in media upload tab
= V1.1.0 - 26.01.2009 =
* NEW : Pagination for album page via custom fields ('ngg_paged_Galleries')
* NEW : Support for fixed number of columns inside the gallery
* NEW : Added pagination for galleries and images in admin section
* NEW : New action hook after image is added to database, called 'ngg_added_new_image'
* NEW : New template for caption below images, called via [nggallery id=x template=caption]
* Added : SWFUpload V2.2.0 B4
* Changed : Rework of Manage image tables
* Changed : Move imagerotator.swf to wp-content/uploads
* Changed : Added a URL field to setup the path to the Imagerotator
* Changed : Add additional parameter to gallery object
* Changed : Load donators list external
* Bugfix : Style fixes for tables in IE7
* Bugfix : All albums code couldn't use the slideshow, query is empty for 0
* Bugfix : Htmlentities() for links in the a href title description
* Bugfix : Clean up mode for singlepic
* Bugfix : Typo in WordPress gallery plugin widget settings
= V1.0.2 - 19.12.2008 =
* Added : Option to enable/disable the MediaRSS Feed
* Added : For flash under FF3/WIN we should use outline: none;
* Added : Use sort order also for Media RSS
* Changed : Descending order for TinyMCE Editor
* Changed : Added screencolor flashvar as bgcolor for the flash slideshow
* Changed : Remove link to gallery in sidebar widget
* Bugfix : Check for empty gallery title and show name instead
* Bugfix : Album id=all / Album id=0 didn't show content
* Bugfix : Check for a empty description and alttext
* Bugfix : Remove HTML tags from slideshow
* Bugfix : Load SWFobject always when the imagerotator exist
* Bugfix : Zip-Upload in existing gallery failed
* Bugifx : Typo in functions.php (THX to David Horat)
= V1.0.1 - 11.12.2008 =
* Bugfix : Change upgrade routine, import_date_time could cause a memory problem
* Bugfix : Help pages will not show up in non-english enviroment
* Bugfix : Show gallery name if title is empty
= V1.0.0 - 11.12.2008 =
* NEW : Adding some rewrite rules for the Blog title for a better SEO (Will be continued...)
* NEW : Added ImageMagick support (currently a bit experimental) (THX to Frederic de Ranter)
* NEW : Automatic unistall via register_uninstall_hook()
* NEW : Added a presort option to sort images and photos
* NEW : Look for a nggallery.css in the theme folder
* NEW : Added Date/Time field to database and import it from EXIF, new sort option
* NEW : Multi Widgets to show links to Media RSS feeds (THX to Vincent Prat)
* NEW : PicLens support for galleries (THX to Vincent Prat)
* NEW : Copy/Move images and photos between galleries (THX to Vincent Prat)
* NEW : Media RSS feeds (either for galleries, albums or global) (THX to Vincent Prat)
* NEW : Image and photo tag management (THX to Vincent Prat)
* NEW : Convert all WordPress gallery plugin shortcodes to WP shortcodes API
* NEW : AJAX based thumbnail generator
* NEW : Create output via template files, more flexible and support for multiple templates
* NEW : Extended role system. Each gallery has now a author
* NEW : [thumb id="4,5,12,..."] shortcode. You can now insert thumbnails for one or more images (that are not necessarly inside the same gallery).
* Changed : Add swfupload 2.2.0. Support for Adobe Flash 10 upload
* Changed : Update all Admin pages for Wordpress 2.7 Admin UI
* Changed : New icon for TinyMCE and WP2.7 Menue from
* Changed : Move update message to admin.php
* Changed : Widgets are now core and doesn't need to be activate, rework as Multi Widgets
* Changed : Improved the gallery management page.
* Changed : Rename the filter 'ngg_create_gallery_thumbcode' to 'ngg_get_thumbcode'.
* Changed : Convert tags to WP-Taxonomy tables, no more need for ngg_tags, ngg_pic2tags
* Changed : Arrange manage fields in a new way
* Changed : Support now SSL
* Changed : Use JQuery UI instead of interface lib
* Changed : Updated to swfobject 2.1
* Changed : Rework of database queries and new central nggdb class
* Bugfix : Changed CSS for singlepic padding to margin
* Bugfix : Check for zero in Exif Focal Length
* Bugfix : Round instead inval for square thumbnails
* Removed : Do not longer check for myGallery folders
* Removed : Use now PclZip from WP Core
* Removed : Wordpress 2.1 - 2.3 files deleted
= V0.99 - 27.09.2008 =
* Changed : Included swfobject version 2.1
* Bugfix : Recognize the zip better
* Bugfix : Limit the length of the title in the media-upload
* Bugfix : Round instead inval for square thumbnails
= V0.98 - 15.07.2008 =
* Bugfix : Removed all whitespaces at EOF
= V0.97 - 10.07.2008 =
* Changed : Get new path contstant from WP2.6
* Changed : Minor WordPress gallery plugin updates for WP2.6
* Changed : Added new filters (THX to Vincent Prat)
* Removed : Revert singlepic wrapper, breaks validation
= V0.96 - 18.05.2008 =
* Changed : Use postbox for gallery settings
* Added : New filter function to add custom columns
* Bugfix : Fixed width for Thickbox in Manage gallery
* Bugfix : Fixed width for media upload select box
* Bugfix : Remove P tag in singlepic regex
* Bugfix : Correct format of shutter speed
* Bugfix : Album name in Short code not useable
= V0.95 - 25.04.2008 =
* Bugfix : Correction in media-upload to fit with Wordpress 2.5.1
* Bugfix : Attribute_escape all objects in media-upload
* Bugfix : Correct sortorder for albums
* Bugfix : Typo correction (THX to Momo-I)
= V0.94 - 20.04.2008 =
* Added : New filter option ngg_create_gallery_link
* Changed : Reduce amount of DB queries in albums (Big THX to Alexandr Kindras)
* Changed : Revert wpautop priority change (issues with other plugins)
= V0.93 - 12.04.2008 =
* Added : Select Full-Size or Singlepic in Media Upload
* Added : Check for minimum 8 MB Memory
* Changed : Priority from wpautop must be before gallery
* Bugfix : Added Screencolor to WordPress gallery plugin Widgets
* Bugfix : Clean CSS class in setup.php
* Bugfix : Change PHP short tag (Thx to Archedition)
* Bugfix : Remove tab.png from CSS (Thx to Frisco)
* Bugfix : Remove newline and encode quotes in Media-Upload (THX to Trip Mellinger)
= V0.92 - 30.03.2008 =
* Changed : Higher priority for filter in WP2.5 final
* Changed : Do not increase memory_limit with ini_set
* Added : Read EXIF field ImageDescription
= V0.91 - 24.03.2008 =
* Changed : Resample mode back to 3
* Changed : Add DIV "ngg-singlepic-wrapper" for SingelPic (THX to Travel-Junkie)
* Changed : Increase Tweakfactor for Memory Check
* Bugfix : Use admin.css only on NextGEN pages (THX tp Oliver)
* Bugfix : Updates WordPress gallery plugin widgets (V1.21) for ImageRotator 3.15
* Bugfix : Change order of rewrite rules for WP 2.5
* Bugfix : Include Dashboard CSS also for page "nextgen-gallery"
= V0.90 - 18.03.2008 =
* NEW : Sort order for images and photos
* NEW : Updated WordPress gallery plugin style for Wp 2.5
* NEW : Media upload tab integration for WP 2.5
* Added : Change wp shortcode filter
* Added : TinyMCE V3 Button for WordPress 2.5
* Added : Singlepic center class
* Changed : New default parameter for ImageRotator 3.15
* Changed : By default enable metadata import
* Changed : Moved disable/enable flash setting to add gallery
* Changed : wpdb->escape gallerytag in nggfunctions
* Changed : Sort files after scan folder
* Changed : Check for filename during upload
* Changed : Remove jQuery plugin for navigation
* Changed : Remove myGallery import
* Changed : Resample mode default set to 5, causes problems at PHP 4.4.8 /PHP 5.2.4
* Bugfix : nggextractXML missing stripslashes
* Bugfix : P tags not closed in manage.php
* Bugfix : Remove " from singlepic class
* Bugfix : Rewrite rule for ImageBrowser added
= V0.83 - 14.02.2008 =
* Changed : New Interfaces.js from WP Core 2.5, for sortable bug under IE7
* Changed : Update WordPress gallery plugin to jQuery V1.2.2, deregister older version from WP
* Changed : Add ini_set 128MB for memory-limit
* Bugfix : SWFUpload Cookie Post_Params are overwritten , no upload possible
* Bugfix : WPMU options are not saved after installation
* Bugfix : Remove Flush rewrite rules during install
= V0.82 - 09.02.2008 =
* Bugfix : add_filter (searchnggallerytags) not proper included for some other plugins
= V0.81 - 04.02.2008 =
* Changed : Use stristr first to reduce CPU cycles (THX to Alakhnor)
* Changed : Flush Rewrites rules after option update
* Changed : Rework for folder check under Safe-Mode
* Bugfix : Check for array in get_option() (THX to Alessandro)
* Bugfix : Add Cookie to SWFUpload, show Error code included
* Bugfix : galShowOrder = Sildeshow at first didn't work
* Bugfix : Remove reference from ngg_getOnlyImages
= V0.80 - 02.02.2008 =
* NEW : SWFUpload integrated : Show upload progress and select multiple files in the file browser dialog.
* NEW : Progress bar for resize, watermark and thumbnail operation
* NEW : Import Meta data from images and photos
* NEW : Show Meta data information for photos
* NEW : Cache option for SinglePic
* NEW : Permalink support for WordPress gallery plugin
* NEW : Custom fields support - Change the settings for each post/page
* Changed : Up to 10 Widgets, exclude galleries from random/recent images.
* Changed : Refactor permission check for Safe-Mode Check and mkdir/chmod
* Changed : Admin CSS in new folder/file for better structure
* Changed : Clean up folder structure of WordPress gallery plugin
* Changed : Clean up code in manage.php, functions.php
* Changed : Moved several functions into nggAdmin Class (functions.php)
* Changed : Updated WordPress gallery plugin to jQuery V1.1.4 (v1.2.1 causes problems with interface.js)
* Changed : Hide used galleries in album admin page
* Changed : Remove float in singlepic code and added class ngg-left , ngg-right (THX to Nathan Sylvain)
* Changed : Edit style setting (added new class .desc , THX to Sebastian)
* Changed : Check for galleryfolder instead name (THX to Luke Poland)
* Changed : Delete images per default
* Changed : Change CSS (ngg-album-compact) , remove width & height setting from code
* Bugfix : Fixed static front page problem
* Bugfix : Missing stripslashes & html_entity_decode
* Bugfix : Change Album CSS (THX to Thomas-DK)
* Bugfix : Watermark for GIF not correct supported
* Bugfix : Missing wp_nonce at setup page
* Bugfix : Add DIV in Slideshow link (for Safari & Opera)
* Added : Screencolor flashvar for JW Image Rotator 3.13 or higher
* Added : Set WP-CHARSET / COLLATE during installation
* Added : Updated to Pclzip.lib.php v2.6
* Added : CSS ID field for gallery & images
* WPMU : New site admin page (wpmu.php)
* WPMU : Integrated quota check
* WPMU : No update check
* WPMU : Remove edit style (THX to Kristin)
* WPMU : Remove uninstall button
* WPMU : Remove server settings
* WPMU : Gallery path set to blog.dir
* Added : Support for WPMU
= V0.74 - 01.12.2007 =
* NEW : Added meta reader class, first step to integrated meta data import
= V0.73 - 20.10.2007 =
* Added : Support for Shutter Reloaded
* Changed : Updated WordPress gallery plugin to jQuery Tabs 2.7.4
* Changed : Remove $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] for IIS compatibility
* Bugfix : Option Sildeshow didn't jump to overview
= V0.72 - 13.09.2007 =
* Added : Missing overflow:hidden in ngg-album.css
* Added : New experimental stylesheet hovereffect.css
* Changed : Better check for memory limit in zip-files
* Bugfix : Missing stripslashes for alttext (THX to Lawrence)
* Bugfix : Navigation didn't highlight page 1 (THX to Brot)
* Bugfix : Albums automatic minimize if more than 4 galleries
* Bugfix : Missing check_admin_referer in style (THX again to Christopher)
= V0.71 - 07.09.2007 =
* Added : Add defer="defer" to Slideshow to avoid IE crash (THX to Simbo)
* Bugfix : Bugfix for slideshow to show all pictures
* Bugfix : Wrong check_admin_referer in albums (THX to Christopher)
* Bugfix : No exclude check in counter and widgets (THX to Christopher)
* Bugfix : Check for existing role (THX to Lost in Network)
* Bugfix : Label in roles are wrong (THX to Joern)
= V0.70 - 06.09.2007 =
* NEW : Add role manager page and capabilities to WordPress gallery plugin
* NEW : Show gallery with [tags=list of tags]
* NEW : Show album with [albumtags=list of tags]
* NEW : Tag system for all images
* NEW : Option for append related images
* NEW : Option to show description below thumbnail
* NEW : Option to show ImageBrowser instead JS effect
* Added : Add Full size link to thickbox
* Added : Check for page/postid in tag processing
* Added : Sildeshow widget can now contain all images
* Added : Minimize/Maximize option for albums
* Added : Deregister jQuery V1.1.2 for WP2.2 (to use V1.1.3.1)
* Added : Integrate wp_nonce_field at all admin pages
* Changed : Update WordPress gallery plugin to Thickbox 3.1 + mods
* Changed : Moved "clear:both" into class "ngg-clear" (THX to Gero)
* Changed : Switched from jQuery Interface to jQuery Tabs from Klaus Hartl
* Remove : Remove option for singlepic link
* Remove : Remove options for imagebrowser
* Bugfix : Most Recent image in Widget are wrong
* Bugfix : More XHTML valid , htmlspecialchars() after add_query_arg()
* Bugfix : Sanitize file name before upload
* Bugfix : Sanitize folder name (THX to Tom Fowler)
* Bugfix : Show title/alt in jQuery plugin (THX to Gregory Green)
* Bugfix : i18n support for Gallery tab
* Bugfix : Reduce memory-needs for plugin
* Bugfix : Typo/spelling correction in WordPress gallery plugin
* Bugfix : Removed myGallery author from contribute list
= V0.64 - 31.07.2007 =
* Bugfix : Remove arrows in image browser text
* Bugfix : Include nggadmintab.php with dirname
* Bugfix : Zip-Upload under Mac > look for basename
= V0.63 - 10.07.2007 =
* NEW : You can now upload a zip file into a existing gallery
* Added : Remove subfolder in Zip-files
* Added : Show required memory for thumbnail creation
* Added : Updated to jQuery.multifile 1.22
* Added : Install-Upgrade for WordPress 2.3
* Bugfix : Supress unlink error message for thumbs
* Bugfix : Support upload of zip files from MAC
* Bugfix : Add Stripslash for image description
* Bugfix : Use for Singlepic not rel="Gallery name"
* Bugfix : Moved RSS/Snoopy includes into function
= V0.62 - 06.07.2007 =
* NEW : Import for myGallery
* Added : Updated WordPress gallery plugin to jQuery
* Bugfix : Check for memory_limit setting, otherwise pass the test
* Bugfix : Thumbcode not insert for nggDisplayRandomImages and nggDisplayRecentImages
= V0.61 - 29.06.2007 =
* Added : Forgot the file jquery.nextgen.pack.js and jquery.nextgen.js
= V0.60 - 27.06.2007 =
* NEW : Select a image from the Upload Tab
* NEW : Tag [imagebrowser=id] for a Inline Gallery Browser
* NEW : Show gallery without Subpages
* NEW : Manage gallery : Function "Add a new page"
* NEW : Manage gallery : Show/Hide thumbnails for WordPress gallery plugin
* Added : Slideshow option : Watermark / Background music
* Added : Check for memory limit
* Added : Show actual memory usage in WordPress gallery plugin overview
* Added : Include function check in widget
* Added : Latest Sidebar widget from KeViN
* Added : Check for capability during installation
* Changed : Remove P Tag around gallery tags ( THX to the work from John Godley )
* Bugfix : Delete picture, check for pid
* Bugfix : admin/settings.php line #172: typos corrected (this=these,maxium=maximum). (THX to Helene D.)
* Bugfix : admin/settings.php line #311: missing </td> added. (THX to Helene D.)
= V0.52 - 31.05.2007 =
* Changed : Create better thubmnails in square mode (THX to Kees de Bruin)
* Changed : Again , fixed ratio create better thumbnails (Also for widescreen photos)
* Removed : Option "Resize image before cropping" removed and included in Create square thumbnail
* Bugfix : Scan folder for new picture didn't set exclude = 0
* Bugfix : If no option is checked in thumbnails, resize failed (THK to Joern Kretzschmar)
= V0.51 - 28.05.2007 =
* Bugfix : Thumbnail permission not set correct
* Bugfix : Folder permission check wrong
* Bugfix : Remove echo in album (THX to Lazy)
= V0.50 - 28.05.2007 =
* NEW : Select multiple files for upload (THX to Diego A.,
* NEW : Sidebar widget contain now Slideshow, recent images and random images
* Added : New Option for Imagerotator 3.8 (Slow zoom effect)
* Added : Option for CDATA wrapper (not working proper)
* Added : Option for Thickbox Loading Image for WordPress gallery plugin
* Added : CSS file for dKret2 (THK to Joern)
* Added : Better file permission check
* Changed : Fixed ratio create better thumbnails in portrait mode
* Changed : All jQuery scripts are now in "No Conflict" mode
* Changed : Script loading now via wp_enqueue_script
* Changed : Add constant values for folder/file permission
* Changed : Use description in <A href title>
* Bugfix : Remove wrong DIV tag in slideshow
* Bugfix : Tag [Slideshow=id,width,height] didn't work proper
* Bugfix : Name conflict in Album script (serialize) (THX to Die-Andis)
* Bugfix : Changed check for CSS activation
* Bugfix : Changed check for safe-mode (Don't ask)
= V0.43 - 20.05.2007 =
* Changed : Rename Thumbnail class to avoid php name collision
* Bugfix : Missing translation flag in setup
* Bugfix : Changed check for safe-mode
* Bugfix : Changed check for Zip-File
= V0.42 - 17.05.2007 =
* Bugfix : Float function for singlepic not integrated, sorry !
* Bugfix : Remove clear:both in widget
= V0.41 - 17.05.2007 =
* NEW : Sidebar widget from KeViN
* Update : Better album management for more galleries
* Update : Thickbox v3 integrated into WordPress gallery plugin
* Added : Float selection for singlepic
* Added : CSS class for widget
* Added : CSS file for K2 theme
* Added : German translation (THX to Lazy)
* Added : Better check for safe-mode
* Added : CSS Class for single-pic : class="ngg-singlepic"
* Added : Option to resize image before cropping it (Setting reset of prior versions needed! Setup -> Reset Settings)
* Changed : Image quality by default 85% (THX to ArizonaGroovejet)
* Bugfix : Update wrong file when select other style
* Bugfix : Fixed Permalink in album (THX to Helene D.)
* Bugfix : Scan folder in empty gallery
* Bugfix : Swfobjects only added with Thickbox effect
* Bugfix : Umlauts are now handled correctly
= V0.40 - 29.04.2007 =
* NEW : TinyMCE Button integration for WordPress gallery plugin
* Removed : CSS Style : remove width/height in album
= V0.39 - 28.04.2007 =
* Added : Set ORDER BY for gallery
* Bugfix : check now for Exclude != 1
* Bugfix : DB Query in function wrong
* Bugfix : DB exlude = DEFAULT '0'
* Bugfix : Scan folder in empty gallery
= V0.38 - 28.04.2007 =
* Bugfix : One time more remove get_settings :-)
* Bugfix : $_GET in Manage gallery
* Bugfix : exclude option
= V0.37 - 28.04.2007 =
* Bugfix : $_GET in Manage gallery
* Bugfix : update DB installation routine
= V0.36 - 26.04.2007 =
* Bugfix : Stupid PHP beginner failure in album management
= V0.35 - 26.04.2007 =
* Rework : Folder name can be flexible
* New option : Fullsize pic for Singlepic mode
* New option : Select show order
* Added : Check for WP2.1
* Added : Check for permission for default folder
* Bugfix : Remove get_settings
* Bugfix : Correction for Safe-Mode ON
* Bugfix : Set Default '0' for table album.sortorder
* Bugfix : Update sort order
= V0.34 - 24.04.2007 =
* Added : Add fix ration setting
* Added : Add language file
* Bugfix : Change link in Album to get_bloginfo('wpurl')
* Bugfix : Album CSS file not loaded
= V0.33 - 23.04.2007 =
* NEW : Overview Page for WordPress gallery plugin
* NEW : Core function
* NEW : Slideshow for WordPress gallery plugin