An infinite circular carousel javascript plugin
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An infinite circular carousel javascript plugin.

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What is it?

Zemova is a javascript plugin that creates circular (also known as infinite) galleries with a carousel style.

It doesn't have any dependencies and doesn't force any css layout or styles. Just follow a simple convention and add a few classes and you are good to go.

Zemova screenshot

How to use it

Include zemova.js somewhere on the page.

All the images most be inside an element (e.g. a DIV) with the class zemova-mask.

The element zemova-mask must be inside an element with the class zemova and must have a width set somehow (all the images will get the same width).

The button that moves the carousel to the left must have the class zemova-prev. The other button (moves to the right) must have the class zemova-next.

That's it.

For example:

  <div class='carrousel'>
    <a class='prev zemova-prev' href='#'></a>
    <div class='zemova' style="width: 100%;">
        <div class='mask zemova-mask'>
            <img class='photo' src='1.png'>
            <img class='photo' src='2.png'>
            <img class='photo' src='3.png'>
    <a class='next zemova-next' href='#'></a>

  <script src='zemova.js'></script>