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A node.js module to resize, crop and upload images to Rackspace cloudfiles and Amazon S3

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A Node.js module to easily resize, crop and upload images (with different variants and presets) to Rackspace cloudfiles.


$ npm install imager

Note : Uptil v0.0.8 the module supported filesystem uploads and external (remote) image uploads, but the module was completely re-written to use async and make it much faster. The 0.0.9 version of the module doesn't support file system uploads. I will try to add it back soon. You can revert back to older versions if you need filesystem support etc


You need to create imager configuration file with image variants and your storages

Checkout the example config file imager-example.js in the repo

var Imager = require('imager');
  , imagerConfig = require('path/to/imager-config.js')
  , imager = new Imager(imagerConfig, 'Rackspace')

Uploading file(s)

The callback recieves an err object, a files array (containing the names of the files which were uploaded) and the cdnUri.

So if you have a variant, say thumb, then you can access the image by cdnUri+'/'+'thumb_'+files[0]. This would be the complete url of the image

  1. Form upload (multiple images)

    imager.upload(req.files.image, function(err, cdnUri, files) {
        // do your stuff
    }, 'projects')

    Here, projects is your scope or variant. If you don't specify the scope or the variant, imager will try to look for a default variant named default. You must either specify a variant like above or provide a default variant.

Removing file(s)

  1. Remove from cloudfiles

    var files = ['1330838831049.png', '1330838831049.png']
    imager.remove(files, function (err) {
        // do your stuff
    }, 'projects')

    Even here, if the variant is not specified, imager will try to look for the default variant. If neither of them are provided, you will get an error.


If you specify debug: true in the imager config, you can see the logs of uploaded / removed files.


  • Support amazon storage
  • Support filesystem storage
  • Write tests

credits : Initially inspired by Alleup

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