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Release 0.5.4 - Jul 21, 2011
* Several fixes related to arrays of structs, and structs containing
other structs.
* Fixed arrays of closures.
* Removed support for old LLVM 2.7, nobody seemed to be using it any more.
* Changed the definition of dict_find() to return -1 for an invalid
dictionary, to distinguish it from 0 meaning that the query failed but
the dictionary itself was valid.
* Make array parameters safe to convert to constants during runtime
* Support derivatives in pointcloud searches.
* Fixed several runtime optimizer bugs.
* Fixed a bug where environment() calls with an optional "alpha" parameter
that has derivatives was overwriting memory.
* Fixed code generation bug for a*=b and a/=b.
* Automatically initialize all local string variables to NULL, to avoid
bad pointers for uninitialized strings.
* Bug fix: dict_value() wasn't properly marking its argument as writable.
* Automatic range checking of array and component access.
* Fix uninitialized derivatives for pointcloud().
* Speed up getattribute() calls by caching information about failed
getattribute queries in the ShadingContext.
* Fix to constant folding of gettextureinfo: a failed lookup should not
fold, because we want the error to occur in shader execution, not during
* Refactor, clean up, and comment testshade.
* oslc now gives an error on non-void functions that fail to return a value.
* Fixed implementation of area() that could generate an assertion.
* Fix escape sequences in string literals: we were handling it correctly
for printf-like format strings, but not other string literals.
* break and continue now work properly (just like in C/C++).
* You can now return from anywhere in a user function (multiple times if
you want), just like C/C++, and are no longer restricted to the only
return statement being the last statement of the function.
* New include file for shaders: patterns.h. Now, it only includes a handy
'wireframe()' function, but will expand for other useful things.
* New function: int getmatrix(from,to,M) is like the matrix(from,to)
constructor, but returns a success value so a shader can tell if the
named coordinate systems failed to be found by the renderer.
Release 0.5.3 - Apr 19, 2011
* Fix missing derivatives for sign() function.
* Fix closure color type size (crashes).
* Fix bug with environment() when passed "alpha" pointers with derivatives.
* Improve error messages for getmessage/setmessage to catch the most
common sources of non-deterministic behavior.
* Bug fix when constant-folding gettextureinfo().
* Fix mismatched prototype for subsurface() closure.
* Texture errors encountered in shader constant folding are now properly
reported to the renderer.
* Allow functions to have array parameters of unspecified length.
* Fix subtle bug related to lifetime analysis of variables in loops (led
to incorrect optimizations).
Release 0.5.2 - Mar 14, 2011
* Windows: use boost::wave instead of external cpp; various other Windows
compilation fixes.
* texture & environment now take an optional "interp" parameter that
overrides the interpolation/filtering method (valid arguments:
"smartcubic", "cubic", "linear", "closest").
* Bug fixes to getmessage() and its handling of derivatives, which includes
a slight RendererServices API change.
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