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+Release 1.1.0 - Mar 14, 2011 (compared to 1.0.0)
+Language, standard libary, and compiler changes:
+* Allow closures as parameters to closures.
+* New constants: M_2PI, M_4PI
+* Generic noise: noise("noisetype",coords,...)
+* Gabor noise (anisotropic, automatically antialiased) via noise("gabor").
+* Fix mod/fmod discrepancy: fmod() now matches C, mod() always returns a
+ positive result like in RSL.
+* Allow "if (closure): and "if (!closure)" to test if a closure is empty
+ or not.
+* New optional parameter to trace(): "traceset" allows you to specify a
+ named geometry set for tracing.
+ShadingSystem API changes and new options:
+* New "greedyjit" option will optimize & JIT all shader groups up front,
+ concurrently, without locking.
+* Add a way to name shader groups.
+* attribute("options",...) lets you set a bunch of options at once.
+* Options to enable/disable individual optimizations (mostly useful for
+ debugging)
+Optimization improvements:
+* Allow block alias tracking on non-constants when it's safe.
+* Track "stale" values to eliminate pointless assignments.
+* Eliminate redundant "useparam" ops.
+* Assignments to output parameters that are not connected to any
+ downstream layers are now eliminated.
+* More aggressive elision of ops that only write to symbols that won't
+ be subsequently used.
+* More careful identification and removal of parameters (input and output)
+ that are both unused in the shader and not connected downstream.
+Bug fixes and minor improvements:
+* Minor blackbody fixes.
+* Bug fix: don't mark constants as having their derivatives taken.
+* Clamp splineinverse() for out-of-knot-range x input.
+* Bug fix: the optimization of "a=b; a=c" was incorrect if c was an
+ alias for a (it incorrectly eliminated the first assignment).
+* Bug fix: work around LLVM thread safety issues during JIT.
+* Bug fix: symbol_data() wasn't returning the right address for non-heap
+ parameters.
+* Bug fix: optimization errors related to break, continue, and return not
+ properly marking the next instruction as a new basic block.
+* Bug fix: luminance() with derivatives didn't work.
+* Bug fix: in code generation of structure initializers.
+* Improved error messages from ConnectShaders.
+* Bug fix: type checking bug could case non-exactly-matching polymorphic
+ functions to coerce a return value even when that was not intended.
+* Type checking improvements: Make sure point-point is a vector
+ expression, and point+vector & point-vector are point expressions.
+Build & test system improvements and developer goodies:
+* testsuite overhauls:
+ - run each test both optimized and not
+ - generate all tests in build, not directly in ./testsuite
+ - greatly simplify the scripts
+* Much more detailed debugging logs of the optimization process.
+* Upgrade to clang/llvm 3.0.
+* Lots of infrastructure to make debugging the optimizer easier.
+ Including new options debug_groupname, debug_layername, only_groupname.
+* Improved the build system's LLVM-finding logic.
+* Fix warnings from gcc 4.6.
Release 1.0.0 - Oct 12, 2011
* Modified testshade (and the underlying SimpleRender class) to handle
2 src/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ project (OSL)
# Release version of the library
# Version of the OSO file format and instruction set
9 src/doc/languagespec.tex
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
\def\langname{Open Shading Language\xspace}
\def\product{{\sffamily Open Shading Language}\xspace}
\def\productver{\product\ {\sffamily \versionnumber}\xspace}
@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@
\bigskip \\
-\date{{\large Date: 15 Feb, 2012 \\
-(with corrections, 22 Feb, 2012)
+\date{{\large Date: 14 Mar, 2012 \\
+%(with corrections, 22 Feb, 2012)
@@ -3125,7 +3125,6 @@ \section{Color functions}
implemented per the ITU-R standard as $0.2126 R + 0.7152 G + 0.0722 B$.
\apiitem{color {\ce blackbody} (float temperatureK)}
@@ -3494,7 +3493,6 @@ \section{Pattern generation}
between $y_1$ and $y_{n-2}$.
\apiitem{float {\ce splineinverse} (string basis, float v, float $\mathtt{y}_0$, ... float $\mathtt{y}_{n-1}$)\\
float {\ce splineinverse} (string basis, float v, float y[]) \\
float {\ce splineinverse} (string basis, float v, int nknots, float y[])}
@@ -3534,7 +3532,6 @@ \section{Derivatives and area operators}
implementation, those directions may be aligned to the image plane,
on the surface of the object, or something else.
The {\cf Dz()} function is only meaningful for volumetric shading, and
is expected to return {\cf 0} in other contexts. It is also possible
that particular OSL implementations may only return ``correct'' {\cf Dz}
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