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1 parent e310f6f commit 8ca9327413f3179f4be9c2714c533c705ad3e07c @lgritz lgritz committed Jul 18, 2014
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@@ -109,6 +109,16 @@ API changes, new options, new ShadingSystem features (for renderer writers):
* Split RendererServices definition into separate rendererservices.h. (1.5.6)
* Add RendererServices::texturesys() that returns a pointer to the
RS's TextureSystem. (1.5.6)
+ * Add a ShaderGlobals* parameter to the various get_matrix and
+ get_inverse_matrix methods. This makes it easier for renderers that
+ might need the ShaderGlobals (or access to the void* renderstate
+ contained therein) to look up matrices, especially if the renderer
+ supports different per-primitive transformation name bindings.
+ #396 (1.5.10)
+ * Change the last 4 RenderServices methods that took a void* renderstate
+ to instead take a ShaderGlobals *. It's more general, since the SG
+ does itself contain the renderstate pointer, and some implementations
+ or features might need the other contents of the SG. #396 (1.5.10)
* OSLQuery changes:
* OSLQuery::Parameter has a new 'structname' field, that for struct
parameters reveals the name of the structure type. The oslinfo utility
@@ -247,6 +257,11 @@ Build & test system improvements and developer goodies:
* Make testrender accept the new shadergroup syntax. (1.5.9)
* Make testrender & testshade support all the standard camera getattribute
queries. (1.5.9)
+* testshade/testrender: have get_attribute fall back on get_userdata,
+ and have get_userdata bind "s" and "t" to make it easy to test
+ shader that rely on userdata. #395 (1.5.10)
+* Fixes for Boost 1.55 + Linux combination, where it needed -lrt on the
+ link line. #394 (1.5.10)
* Clarified docs about floor(). (1.5.8)
@@ -257,6 +272,9 @@ Documentation:
retrieve common camera parameters. We should expect these to be the same
for all renderers (though individual renderers may also support additional
attribute queries). #393 (1.5.9)
+* Clarify that we intend for getattribute() to be able to retrieve
+ "userdata" (aka primitive variables) if no attribute is found with the
+ matching name. #395 (1.5.10)

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