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Update ref images after recent OIIO texture anisotropy changes produc…

…ed a very

slight change in appearance (not visually obvious, but caused tests to fail).
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1 parent 101c97f commit cb740725eab004b3c316863d5817e8ee67d2d3af @lgritz lgritz committed Aug 7, 2012
BIN testsuite/render-background/ref/out.exr
Binary file not shown.
BIN testsuite/render-microfacet/ref/out.exr
Binary file not shown.
BIN testsuite/texture-swirl/ref/out.tif
Binary file not shown.
2 testsuite/texture-swirl/ref/out.txt
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-Compiled test.osl -> test.oso
+Compiled swirl.osl -> swirl.oso
Output Cout to out.tif

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