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Aug 9, 2019

@lgritz lgritz released this Jul 8, 2019 · 118 commits to master since this release

Release 1.10.6 -- Jul 4, 2019 (compared to 1.10.5)

  • Build: Fixes to FindOpenEXR.cmake. #1022
  • ShadingSystem: when building a shader group from serialized commands,
    respect the global lockgeom default. #1032
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@lgritz lgritz released this May 6, 2019 · 118 commits to master since this release

Release 1.10.5 -- May 1, 2019 (compared to 1.10.4)

  • Extend linearstep() and smooth_linearstep() to work with color, point,
    vector, and normal types (previously restricted to float). #994
  • Improve oslc type error detection for variable declarations with init
    expressions. Note that this may flag some warnings and errors that went
    undetected before, involving initialization assignments of incompatible
    types. #991, #993
  • Add a build-time option GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI to force the "new/old string
    ABI" to something other than the default for your version of gcc. #995
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@lgritz lgritz released this Apr 1, 2019 · 118 commits to master since this release

Release 1.10.4 -- Apr 1, 2019 (compared to 1.10.3)

  • LPEs: forbid LPE repetitions inside groups. #972
  • Build process: build script finding of LLVM is now more robust to certain
    library configurations of llvm, particularly where everything is bundled
    in just one libLLVM without a separate libLLVMMCJIT. #976
  • oslc: Improve warnings about ill-advised use of the comma operator. #978
  • oslc: Fix an assertion/crash when passing initialization-lists as
    parameters to a function, where the function argument expected was as
    array. #983
  • oslc: Fix an assertion/crash for certain type constructors of structs,
    where the struct name was not declared. (This is an incorrect shader,
    but of course should have issued an error, not crashed.) #988
  • Note: The experimental OptiX path is not expected to work in this branch!
    Development has continued in the 'master' branch. If you are interested in
    testing the OptiX support while it's under development, please do so with
    the master branch, because fixes and improvements to the OptiX support
    are not being backported to the 1.10 branch.
  • Tested and verified that everything builds and works correctly with
    Clang 8 and LLVM 8.0.
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Feb 1, 2019
SPI: modify site build scripts to allow it to build for spcomp2

@lgritz lgritz released this Feb 1, 2019 · 118 commits to master since this release

Release 1.10.3 -- Feb 1, 2019 (compared to 1.10.2)

  • oslc: Writing to function parameters not marked as output was only
    recently properly recognized as an error (it was documented as illegal
    all along). Now we demote to a warning, treating it as a full error was
    too disruptive. #944 (1.10.3)
  • testshade: Check that no leftover errors are in the TextureSystem or
    ImageCache at the end of the test (that would indicate that someplace in
    OSL we are failing to check texture errors). #939 (1.10.3)
  • Improve oso output efficiency. #938 (1.10.3)
  • oslc: Fix bug related to counting the proper number of values used for
    array default value initialization. #948 (1.10.3)
  • oslc: Slight modification to the formatting of floating point values in
    the oso file to ensure full precision preservation for float values.
    #949 (1.10.3)
  • oslc: Fix crash when encountering empty-expression for (;;). #951 (1.10.3)
  • oslc: Fix bug in code generation of certain while loops that directly
    tested a variable as a zero/nonzero test, such as:
        i = 3;
        while (i)
    whereas the following had worked (they should have been identical):
        i = 3;
        while (i != 0)
  • Fix bug in implementation of splineinverse() when computing with
    Bezier interpolation. #954 (1.10.3)
  • Fix bug in implementation of transformc when relyin on OpenColorIO for
    color transformation math, in cases were derivatives were needed (this
    is a rare case probably nobody ran into). #960 (1.10.3)
  • Improve thread-safety of the OSLCompiler itself, in case an app wants
    to be compiling several shaders to oso concurrently by different threads.
    #953 (1.10.3)
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@lgritz lgritz released this Dec 2, 2018 · 118 commits to master since this release

Release 1.10 -- Dec 1, 2018 (compared to 1.9)

Dependency and standards changes:

  • LLVM 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0: Support has been removed for LLVM 3.x,
    added for 6.0 and 7.0.
  • OpenImageIO 1.8/2.0+: This release of OSL should build properly against
    OIIO 1.8 or 2.0. Support has been dropped for OIIO 1.7.

New back-end targets:

  • OptiX Work in progress: Experimental back end for NVIDIA OptiX GPU ray
    tracing toolkit. #861, #877, #902
    • Build with USE_OPTIX=1
    • Requires OptiX 5.1+, Cuda 8.0+, OpenImageIO 1.8.10+, LLVM >= 5.0 with
      PTX target enabled.
    • New utility testoptix is an example of a simple OptiX renderer
      that uses OSL for shaders.
    • Work is in progress to support the majority of OSL, but right now it
      is restricted to a subset. All the basic math, most of the
      standard library, noise functions, strings (aside from if you create
      entirely new strings in the middle of a shader), and closures work.
      The biggest thing not working yet is textures, but those are coming

New tools:

  • osltoy : GUI tool for interactive shader editing and pattern
    visualization (somewhat in the style of Shadertoy.
    #827, #914, #918, #926 (1.10.0)
  • docdeep : This Python script (in src/build-scripts/ is an
    experimental tool to scrape comments from code and turn them into
    beautiful Markdeep documentation. (A little like a VERY poor man's
    Doxygen, but markdeep!) Experimental, caveat emptor. #842 (1.10.0)

OSL Language and oslc compiler:

  • In OSL source code, we now encourage the use of the generic "shader" type
    for all shaders, and it is no longer necessary or encouraged to mark
    the OSL shader with a specific type, "surface", "displacement", etc.
    From a source code and/or oslc perspective, all shaders are the same
    generic type. A renderer may, however, have different "uses" or "contexts"
    and may additional runtime perform error checking to ensure that the
    shader group you have supplied for a particular "use" does not do things
    or access globals that are not allowed for that use. #899

  • C++11 style Initializer lists. (#838) This lets you have constructs like

      // pass a {} list as a triple, matrix, or struct
      void func (point p);
      func ({x, y, z});
      // Assign {} to a struct if the types match up
      struct vec2 { float x, y; };
      vec2 v = {a,b};
      // Compact 'return' notation, it knows to construct the return type
      vec2 func (float a, float b)
          return {a, b};
  • osl now warns when it detects duplicate declarations of functions with
    the exact same argument list, in the same scope. #746

  • osl now correctly reports the error when you write to a user-function
    parameter that was not declared as output (function params are by
    default read-only, but a shortcoming in oslc has prevented that error
    from being issued). #878 (1.10.0)

  • Fix oslc crash with invalid field selection syntax. #835 (1.10.0/1.9.6)

  • oslc fix to properly handle command line arguments if the shader file is
    not the last argument on the command line. #841 (1.10.0/1.9.7)

  • oslc: when using boost.wave for preprocessing, fix whitespace insertion
    #840 and windows path separators #849. #841 (1.10.0/1.9.7)

  • oslc: Fix bug/undefined behavior when trying to format/printf a struct.
    #849 #841 (1.10.0/1.9.7)

  • New rules for how polymorphic function variants are chosen: Matches are
    now ranked in an objective way that no longer depends on declaration
    order. Type coercions are preferred in the following order of descending
    score: exact match, int -> float, float -> triple, spatial triple ->
    spatial triple, any triple -> triple. If there is a tie for passed
    arguments, return types will break the tie. If there is still a tie or
    truly ambiguous case, a warning will be printed explaining the choices and
    which was chosen. #844 (1.10.0)

  • It is now a warning to define the same function twice in the same scope.
    #853 (1.10.0)

  • A shader input parameter marked with metadata [[ int allowconnect = 0 ]]
    will disallow runtime connections via ConnectShaders(), resulting in an
    error. #857 (1.10.0)

  • oslc command-line argument -Werror will treat all warnings as hard
    errors (failed compilation). #862 (1.10.0)

  • #pragma osl nowarn will suppress any warnings arising from code on the
    immediately following line of that source file. #864 (1.10.0)

  • oslc error reporting is improved, many multi-line syntactic constructs
    will report errors in a more intuitive, easy-to-understand line number.
    #867 (1.10.0)

  • Faster parsing of very large constant initializer lists for arrays in OSL.
    We found an inadvertent O(n^2) behavior when parsing initializer lists.
    It used to be that a constant table in the form an array of 64k floats
    took over 10s to compile, now it is 50x faster. #901

  • Resolution of ambiguous return type functions (such as noise) has been
    improved when their results are used as arguments to type constructors.
    #931 (1.10.1)

OSL Standard library:

  • There has been a change in the appearance to Cell noise and Gabor noise.
    This is to fix a bug that made an incorrect pattern for certain negative
    exact-integer values for cellnoise, and in lots of places for Gabor noise.
    The only way to fix it was to potentially change the appearance for some
    shaders. Sorry. If this is a real problem, let us know, perhaps we can
    make a build-time switch that will let you use the old buggy noise? But
    since this is a "2.0" release, we figured it was as good a time as ever to
    let it change to the correct results. #912 (1.10.0)


  • Contributed shader library changes:
    • mandelbrot.osl: computes Mandelbrot and Julia images. #827 (1.10.0)
  • MaterialX support:
    • Improved support for MaterialX 1.36: add sin, cos, tan, atan2, ceil,
      sqrt, exp, determinent, ln, transpose, sign, rotate, transforms,
      rgb/hsv convert, extract, separate, tiledimage. Rename exponent ->
      power, pack -> combine, hsvadjust -> hueshift. Add some color2/4
      mutual conversion operators. Fixes to ramp4, clean up texture mapping
      nodes, fixes to triplanarprojection weighting. Extend add/sub/mul/div
      to include matrices. #903, #904, #905, #907, #909 (1.9.10/1.10.0)

API changes, new options, new ShadingSystem features (for renderer writers):

  • ShadingSystem API:
    • It is now permitted to ConnectShaders a single component of a
      color/point/vector/normal to a float and vice versa. #801 (1.10.0)
    • An older version of ShadingSystem::execute, which had been marked
      as deprecated since OSL 1.6, has been fully removed. #832 (1.10.0)
    • ShadingSystem::Shader() now has all three parameters required (none
      are optional), though the "use" parameter no longer has any meaning.
      (It will be deprecated and removed in a future release.) #899
    • ShadingSystem::optimize_group() now takes an optional pointer to a
      ShadingContext, which it will use if needed (if passed NULL, one
      will be internally allocated, used, and freed, as before). #936
  • ShadingSystem attributes:
    • New "allow_shader_replacement" (int) attribute, when nonzero, allows
      shaders to be specified more than once, replacing their former
      definitions. The default, 0, considers that an error, as it always
      has. #816 (1.10.0).
    • New developer option "llvm_output_bitcode" dumps the bitcode for each
      group, even if other debug options aren't turned on, and also any
      dumped bitcode will save as text as well as binary. #831 (1.10.0)
    • New attribute "error_repeats", if set to non-zero, turns off the
      suppression of multiple identical errors and warnings. Setting it
      (even to its existing value) also clears the "already seen" lists.
      #880, #883 (1.10.0/1.9.9/1.8.14)
  • Shader group attributes:
    • New attributes that can be queried with getattribute():
      "globals_read" and "globals_write" retrieve an integer bitfield
      that can reveal which "globals" may be read or written by the shader
      group. The meaning of the bits is given by the enum class SGBits
      in oslexec.h. #899
  • RendererServices API:
    • Older versions of RendererServices texture functions, the old ones
      with no errormessage parameter, which were documented as deprecated
      since 1.8, are now marked OSL_DEPRECATED. #832 (1.10.0)
  • OSLCompiler API:
    • Improved error reporting when compiling from memory buffer. The
      OSLCompiler::compile_buffer() method now takes an optional filename
      parameter that will make error messages attribute the right "file"
      (e.g., Error: foo.osl:5... rather than <buffer>:5...). #937 (1.10.2)
  • Miscellaneous:
    • liboslnoise: Properly hide/export symbols. #849 (1.10.0/1.9.7)
    • The behavior of the "searchpath:shader" attribute, used for finding
      .oso files when shaders is requested, has been modified. If no
      search path is specified, the current working directory (".") will
      be searched. But if there is a search path attribute specified, only
      those directories will be searched, with "." only searched if it is
      explicitly included in the search path value. #925 (1.10.0)

Bug fixes and other improvements (internals):

  • The context's texture_thread_info is now properly passed to the
    RenderServices callbacks instead of passing NULL. (1.10.0)
  • Symbols are enbled in the JIT, allowing Intel Vtune profiler to correctly
    report which JITed OSL code is being executed. #830 (1.10.0)
  • ASTNode and OSLCompilerImpl -- add info() and message() methods to
    complement the existing error and warning. #854 (1.10.0)
  • Fix incorrect array length on unbounded arrays specified by relaxed
    parameter type checking. #900 (1.9.10/1.10.0)
  • oslc bug fix: the regex_search()/regex_match() functions did not properly
    mark their results output parameter as write-only. This was never
    noticed by anyone, but could have resulted in incorrect optimizations.
    #922 (1.10.0)
  • When reading .oso files, the parser is now more robust for certain ways
    that the oso file might be corrupted (it's more forgiving, fewer possible
    ways for it to abort or assert). #923 (1.10.0)
  • Bug fixes related to incorrect reliance on OIIO's ustring::operator int().
    It's being removed from OIIO, so wean ourselves off it. #929 (1.10.0)
  • Certain texture3d lookups with derivatives could crash. #932 (1.10.1)
  • Fix oslc assertion crash when a struct parameter was initialized with
    a function call. #934 (1.10.1)

Build & test system improvements:

  • Appveyor CI testing for Windows. #849,852,855 (1.10.0/1.9.7)
  • Our new policy is to disable STOP_ON_WARNING for release branches, to
    minimize build breaks for users when a new compiler warning is hit. We
    still enable it in development/master branches as well as any CI build
    in any branch. #850 (1.10.0/1.9.7)
  • Testsuite is now Python 2/3 agnostic. #873 (1.10.0)
  • Build the version into the shared library .so names. #876
  • Update to fix with OpenImageIO 1.9. #882,#889
  • Flex/bison fixes on Windows. #891
  • Fix Windows build break with iso646.h macros. #892
  • Fix warnings on gcc 6. #896
  • Fix errors building with MSVC. #898
  • Fixes to build with clang 7, and to use LLVM 7. #910, #921 (1.10.0)
  • Fix warnings on gcc 8. #921 (1.10.0)
  • Build system: the variables containing hints for where to find IlmBase
    and OpenEXR have been changed to ILMBASE_ROOT_DIR and OPENEXR_ROOT_DIR
    is the hint for custom OIIO location (no longer OPENIMAGEIOHOME). #928
  • Eliminated some in-progress MaterialX tests, they weren't in good order,
    we will do it differently if we want to add MX tests in the future. #928
  • Build options OSL_BUILD_SHADERS and OSL_BUILD_MATERIALX (both default
    to ON) can be used to disable building of all shaders or MX shaders,
    respectively. #935 (1.10.1)


  • osltoy documentations in doc/ (1.10.0).
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@lgritz lgritz released this Dec 2, 2018 · 269 commits to master since this release

  • Fix crash with texture3d lookups with derivatives. #932
  • Fix oslc crash when a struct parameter is initialized with a function call that returns a structure. #934
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Nov 26, 2018
Docs touch-ups and prepare release candidate
Nov 20, 2018
Docs and other touch-ups for 1.10 beta
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