Latest commit 83c5bbe Jun 10, 2016 @lgritz lgritz committed on GitHub Build process updates (#645)
* Update cmake openexr finding (ported from OIIO)
* Update build_openexr.bash from OIIO
* Some Travis rearrangements
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CMakeLists.txt Build process updates (#645) Jun 10, 2016
simplerend.h Remove has_userdata method from RendererServices Jan 7, 2016
testshade.cpp Helper modes for trying to profile noise and pointcloud (#642) May 31, 2016
testshade_dso.cpp Eliminate clunky dlopen trick that was needed to make OSL work from D… Jun 10, 2014
testshademain.cpp Refactor testshade to build both a separate binary (as usual) and als… Jun 20, 2011