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GDAL based C++ tools for geodata processing

These are various small tools based on GDAL for geodata processing tasks.

A makefile is included for building and basic tests.


gdal_valscale scales values in a raster image that represent quantities relative to surface area like densities which have originally been determined with respect to projected coordinates to correct densities with respect to real world surface area by multiplying with the area scaling function of the projection. It takes a single parameter, the image file to process and requires this to include coordinate system information readable by GDAL (like in a GeoTIFF file). It reads the image into memory as a whole and modifies the file in place.

Building requires GDAL and Proj4 development packages.


gdal_maskbuffer buffers a black/white mask image by a certain distance in real world units. Technically this is done by variable radius buffering of the raster mask in projected coodinates using the scaling function of the projection to modulate the radius. In addition to the image file name it takes a second parameter, the buffer radius in units of the image file coordinate system (usually meters). The code assumes isotropic scaling and does not take into account any periodicity of the projection used.

Building requires GDAL and Proj4 development packages as well as CImg.

gdal_maskbuffer_wm is a simplified version of gdal_maskbuffer for web mercator projection that implements the scaling function without Proj4.


gdal_maskcompare performs a weighted comparison of two black/white mask images. Differences near the mask edge are weighted less than differences far away from it. The purpose of this tool is to perform sanity check for the OpenStreetMap coastline processing by detecting larger erroneous modifications but at the same time allowing smaller changes.

Building requires GDAL and Proj4 development packages as well as CImg.

Licensed under GPLv3.


GDAL based C++ tools







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