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Earned Value Management plugin for Redmine
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Redmine EVM

V1.0.0 (4-Jul-2014)


This plugin uses EVM (Earned Value Management) a project monitoring methodology that measures the current progress of the project. By setting a project baseline it generates three key metrics, the planned value, actual cost and earned value and with these the plugin renders a line chart and performance indicators.

With this plugin you can:

  • Manage and keep an history of baselines.
  • Get information about the current project performance.
  • Predict the project final cost and duration.


  1. Download tarball
  2. cd {redmine_root}/plugins/; mkdir redmine_evm
  3. Extract files to {redmine_root}/plugins/redmine_evm/
  4. rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_evm RAILS_ENV=production

How to use

First make sure that the project planning is complete, then set up a baseline under the "Baselines" tab in the project settings.

redmine_evm screenshot


EVM, CPI, SPI, Earned Value Management, Baseline, Forecast, Redmine, Plugin


Support will only be given to the following versions or above:

  • Redmine version 2.5.0.stable
  • Ruby version 1.9.2-p328
  • Rails version 3.2.17


Copyright © 2014 ImaginaryCloud, This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

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