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Curly Hair Coder

Game and Web Developer with Curly Hair

This is the personal website of Dorian Alexander Patterson. Glad to meet'ya!

There isn't much here at the moment, but if you feel like using anything, you can as long as you give proper credit. All the content in the posts copyrighted by me. You can repost any of the content in part or wholesale as long as you make an effort to attribute it correctly.

As for the code to generate the site, I release it unto the public domain. Need a license; use the MIT License.


  • Ruby 1.9.3 with the ability to make native extensions.
  • Bundler

How to Start

git clone
bundle [install --binstubs]
bundle exec middleman server

Please make any pull requests on the develop branch and use a descriptive branch name.

Want more info?

The technology, resources, and future development are all available on this publicly viewable Trello board.

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