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Java/ImageJ Implementation of Viola-Jones Face Detection

This Java library implements the face detection algorithm proposed by Viola and Jones (partly based on this implementation). Part of the imagingbook project.

Author: Wilhelm Burger

Project Structure

This software is part of the imagingbook project. It is built with Maven and depends on ImageJ and the imagingbook-common library.

This project consists of two sub-projects (Maven modules):

  • imagingbook-violajones-lib: the face detection library,
  • imagingbook-violajones-data: a set of test data (images),
  • imagingbook-violajones-plugins: various ImageJ demo plugins (embedded in a complete ImageJ setup).

Stand-Alone Installation

  • Download the latest release of this repository.
  • Enter imagingbook-violajones-plugins.
  • Start ImageJ by double-clicking ImageJ.exe (Win) or launching ij.jar (Mac). This requires an installed Java runtime version 1.8 or higher.
  • In ImageJ, use the Plugins menu to run the demo plugins.

Use in an Existing ImageJ Environment

  • Copy all JAR files from imagingbook-calibrate-plugins/ImageJ/jars.
  • Copy the plugin .class files from imagingbook-calibrate-plugins/ImageJ/plugins.

Documentation (JavaDoc)