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Credits: David Walsh for his db backup script.

I implemented a script that can be run via cron, and can schedule different time for backing up diffrent tables. It reads details of databases scheduled to back up at the toime of execution and create backup You can schedule the backup of different databases at different time. The time precision check for minutes only

How to setu-up

Move the code to your server under a directory say "DB_Backup" Create a database, and a table with this structure

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS table_credentials ( id int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, title varchar(255) NOT NULL, host varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'localhost', db_name varchar(255) NOT NULL, user_name varchar(255) NOT NULL, password varchar(255) NOT NULL, scheduled_execution_time time NOT NULL, created_date_time datetime NOT NULL, updated_date_time timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, execution_status enum('0','1','2','3') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', last_execution_date datetime NOT NULL, created_ip varchar(50) NOT NULL, updated_ip varchar(50) NOT NULL, is_active enum('0','1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', is_mannual enum('0','1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', PRIMARY KEY (id) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ;

Now update config.php with your db username, password etc.

Add the credentials of databases you want to backup If you want to backup 5 databases at 12:00 am and 5 other at 1:00 am the make the value of scheduled_execution_time '12:00:00' for the first 5 databases and '1:00:00' for the next 5 databases.

Now schedule the cron to to execute

ROOT_DIRECTORY/DB_Backup/backup_db.php at 12:00 and 1:00

Thats it.

Any suggestion, updates and modification is welcome