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deck2pdf converts deck.js presentations to PDF using PhantomJS.


First, make sure you have PhantomJS installed:

brew install phantomjs

Second, add deck2png.js and png2pdf.js to your deck directory.

Third, run this:

phantomjs deck2png.js [yourdeckfile.html] && phantomjs png2pdf.js

You'll be left with a file named output.pdf. If you're lucky, it looks something like your deck.


The code in this repository is a spike, the result of a few hours of frustrated hacking. A lot of the code is inspired by an old version of the wonderful Slippy's PDF generator. Anyone looking to contribute might be able to glean more by looking at the history of that project.

I'm currently accepting just about any pull request. There is no documentation. There are no tests. There are no code comments. I don't even know why half of the code I've written is necessary or why it works. (Like why do I have to set the PDF page size to what it is, while the image sizes are completely different?)

Everything here is MIT license. Use, fork, and sell as you wish and at your own peril.