MooTools port of jQuery TouchWipe, giving easy-to-use swipe events for touch devices.
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A MooTools port of Andreas Waltl's jQuery TouchWipe. Gives easy access to left and right swipe events for iOS and other touch devices.

License: MIT-style.

How to use

new MooSwipe(el, options);
  • el: String id of the element, an element node, or any object with a toElement method.
  • options: Options and events.

Typical usage:

new MooSwipe('swipe-id', {
	onSwipeLeft: function() {
		// Code to execute on left swipe
	onSwipeRight: function() {
		// Code to execute on right swipe
	onSwipe: function(direction) {
		// Code to execute on any swipe


  • tolerance (int): The number of pixels your finger must move to trigger a swipe event. Defaults to 20.
  • preventDefaults (bool): Prevent the default action during the touchMove event? Defaults to true.


new MooSwipe('swipe-id', {
	tolerance: 50,
	preventDefaults: false,
	onSwipeLeft: ...,
	onSwipeRight: ...,
	onSwipe: ...


  • swipeLeft
  • swipeRight
  • swipe: passed a string indicating the direction, 'left' or 'right'

Event functions can be included in the MooSwipe initialization:

new MooSwipe('swipe-id', {
	onSwipeLeft: function() { ... },
	onSwipeRight: function() { ... },
	onSwipe: function(direction) { ... }

Or added afterwards:

var swipe = new MooSwipe('swipe-id');
swipe.addEvent('swipeLeft', function() { ... });
swipe.addEvent('swipeRight', function() { ... });
swipe.addEvent('swipe', function(direction) { ... });