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Superscalar Processor

A simulator for a superscalar out-of-order processor that uses Tomasulo's algorithm in Python.

How to Run

python <asm file>

Processor Overview


Processor features

  1. 4-way superscalar out-of-order execution Pipelined Execution with 4 stages: Fetch, Decode, Execute and Writeback
  2. Multiple ALUs and Memory units and single Branch unit
  3. Reservation station for each unit type (Tomasulo’s)
  4. Static Branch Prediction - Always taken
  5. Blocking issue with Branch instructions

Additional files

Since I worked on this project incrementally, I have some useful files or those who wish to build their own simulator. I have included a simple processor that isn't pipelined in A pipelined version of this proccessor is present in I have also included my presentation slides. They include the results of some interesting experiments!

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