Cochlear sound spectrum
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Tools for psychoacoustics


  1. git clone && cd cochleagram
  2. Install Haskell
  3. Install ghcjs
  4. git submodule update --init --recursive
  5. ./
  6. cabal configure --ghcjs
  7. cabal install --only-dep
  8. cabal install


cochleagram uses your computer's microphone, so the browser protects you by making sure cochleagram only runs over a secured connection. This makes it a little bit tough to test your changes cochleagram on your local computer - you need an SSL-enabled server.

http-server is a quick way to do this.

You'll need to make a self-signed certificate.

Then point your server to the cert and key files, from the cochleagram compiler output directory:

cd dist/build/cochleagram/cochleagram.jsexe/
http-server -S -K ~/key.pem -C ~/cert.pem

At this point you can reach the files via the browser at https://localhost:8080

If this gives you trouble please feel free to get in touch.

Brainstorming - Hack with us!

Teaching & demos

  • Show basic principles (filters, power spectrum, spectrograms, cochleagrams)

  • Use data from computer mic (real time visualization)

  • Use data from file on the web (zoomable visualization)

  • Tune parameters

  • Demos usable after the talk is over

Researchy demos

  • Template matching in spectrogram

  • Auditory scene / texture / cepstra analysis

  • Sound generation & playback from scene statistics

  • Stereo source localization demos (too ambitious)?

Goals, Themes

  • Separate the sound exploration from grungy coding details

  • Abstract the most common tasks into nice libraries

  • Push science findings toward demo-level teaching tools

Related work & Inspiration

Brainstorming session with McDermott lab

  • Demo walking through mechanism of generating cochleagram and connection to auditory system. Show traveling wave in basalar membrane. (Sam)

  • How hard to specify (how many dimensions) (how many sliders) for parametizing cochleagram.

  • Export figures

  • Javascript NN?

  • Other ways of visualizing sound than spectrograms?

  • Code box to change the signal?

  • Online training in some way or another (reverse correlation?)

  • Provide filters to the thing.

  • Sliding correlation matrix.